Silly me. And I thought it was about punishing wrongdoing

What is wrong with this picture?

An 85-year-old Lithuanian was convicted for
cooperating with the Nazis and persecuting Jews but he will not serve
jail time because of his age, according to a BBC report.A court in Vilna ruled that Dailide will not go to jail "because he is very old and does not pose danger to society."

Algimantas Dailide was convicted for the arrest of two polish
nationals and 12 Jews while he served in the police during World War
II. At that time, the local police was controlled the Nazi regime.

I wasn't aware that the purpose of prison was to protect others.  If that's the rationale, the man who stalks his girlfriend and kills her shouldn't go to prison because his monomania was about her.  Now that she's dead, no worries.  Or how about the man who beats his child to death?  No more child, no more risk.  That's simply an obscene rationale for allowing a murderer to go free.  And so what if he's old.  It makes it all the more imperative that he do at least some time for his crime.  Anyway, I think the Simon Wiesenthal Center has it right:

The decision proves that Lithuania is
unwilling to punish Nazi war criminals and is unwilling to face the involvement of its citizens in the mass killing of Jews, the Center said.

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  • Kevin

    Don’t forget that child molester Debra Lafave’s defense attorney claimed she was too pretty to go to jail.

  • Turkeyhead

    So how old is too old to go to prison, exactly? Should we release some of the inmates currently serving because they’ve reached an age where they pose no threat? Come on.

  • Ymarsakar

    This is why the death penalty is required. Not as we do it now, but more instantaneous. The principle of the death penalty is important, for many societal reasons. Anti-death penalty proponents do not have a broad enough perspective. They look at the trees, and forget that the forest is burning behind them, and getting closer.

    Lithuania has no forests now, because they were worried about saving one tree rather than all the trees.

  • Anna

    Ridiculous. Guess I’ll have to wait until my late 80s to commit a crime… (/sarcasm)

  • Kathryn Judson
  • McGregor

    For God’s sake, Bush and Hitler could have been cut from the same piece of cloth. Genocide is what the American army has been doing in both Afghanistan and Iran…Iraq could be next. You are an intelligent man and I love reading your blogs for the most part. I just happened on these older ones and felt compelled to write.
    Look at the inconsistencies of 911, it just doesn’t add up.
    Bush and his ilk want supreme power, absolute and supreme. He wants to control the populations of neutral countries and enemy countries by invoking fear. The attacks on 911 and london were engineered to further encourage people to sign away your basic freedoms. I’m all for patriotism but don’t have that flag wrapped around your eyes.

  • ymarsakar

    He wants to control the populations of neutral countries and enemy countries by invoking fear.

    So when can we expect him to use nuclear demonstration strikes on Leftist and Al Qaeda insurgencies? He only has a couple of years now, you know, before he has to give up that power.