Expanding my horizons

I wanted to let you know about a "blog collective"* that I was invited to join.  It's called Webloggin, and it's sort of a clearinghouse for posts that Webloggin community members do on their own blogs.  When I got invited, I checked it out and really jumped at the chance to join.  For one thing, it's a great looking blog, as you will see if you link on over.  It's a clear, uncluttered format, that nevertheless contains a great deal of information.

For another thing, I liked the quality of the posts already highlighted at the site.  They struck me as interesting, a bit provocative, polite (which matters to me), and thoughtful.  You may want to make Webloggin a regular "check it out" site for youself.

*That sounds a bit like "Borg collective," doesn't it?  Maybe I should call it a blog community. 

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  1. says

    Well, Book,

    Took your advice and signed up with the Webloggin “Colective.” But FYI, that is the only “Collective” I’ve ever joined. Sounds almost Commie but they are really a nice bunch of Conservative folks.

    So, now you are blogrolled twice on my site.

    Thanks, Jack

  2. jg says

    Bookworm, I REALLY like the format at American Thinker. I wish Webloggin had considered it. AT is a bit like a small academic newsletter; simple to the eye. It’s easy to sort out the information.
    I usually read Powerline before I do RedState, in part because the chopped-up nature of the latter makes it more difficult to digest. Format is important, I think.

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