If someone says he’s going to kill you, believe him

Jack, my favorite Retired Preacher, has republished in his blog, with the original publication's permission, a lengthy article about radical Islam's goal of creating a worldwide Caliphate governed by the purest expression of 7th Century Islamic law. Aside from generally being an interesting article, I found especially fascinating the way in which the author juxtaposed, on the one hand, direct quotations from Islamists stating clearly their hatred for America and their desire for a worldwide Caliphate cleansed of Western ideals with, on the other hand, the New York Times' repeated denials that anyone in the Arab world could really want a Caliphate. This pairing made me think of two hoary old expressions, both of which are remarkably apt here: "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt," and (see my post's title) "If someone says he's going to kill you, believe him."

As I noted at Jack's blog, my memory of history (which is pretty damn good) is that Hitler was also remarkably clear about his goals. The elite made excuses for him, rejiggered and reinterpreted his explicit pronouncements, ignored what he said, and allowed him to embark on a war that saw the deaths of more than 20 million people (including the slaughter of 6 million Jews).

As the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland might say (since she was able to find the moral in everything), "The moral of the story is that, jst because a man (or nation) is clearly insane, doesn't mean it doesn't have the ability methodically to carry out the fruits of his (or its) insanity."

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  • http://expreacherman.wordpress.com/ ExPreacherMan

    Thanks for the hat-tip Bookworm,

    It appears Patriots are having the same difficulty awaking America to the threat of Islamofacism that we had in the sixties as we tried to warn a sleeping country about the flood of Communism.

    You are absolutely right, if they tell you they want to kill you, BELIEVE THEM !!

    Thanks for your concern..


  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    Well, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, which I believe spelled out his plan right there. But the communists backed the fascists, since Stalin had given the word that to fight Hitler is to be a traitor to the cause. (The communists sure did tote the party line, although perhaps Stalin purging people he didn’t like had something to do with that. Unity, unity, forever a unifier, not a divider, that is the Left’s basic philosophy) Then there were the anti-communist elite, that backed and supported Hitler cause they saw him as a “counter weight” to the Russians.

    You’d think Europe would have realized that “countering” evil with evil (Saddam with Chirac, Iran with UN, UN with France) is counter-productive.

    These alliances the Left has always had with the fascistic right, amuses me to no end. They keep doing it. And patriotic people never are able to stop them in time before they carry out their deeds, whether of partitioning the spoils or combining to embarass the US.

    This belief that if you have a problem, the solution is to find another problem and get them to solve the first problem for you, is a simplistic and retarded Euro behavior that should stop. Making a totalitarian system like the European Union to “counter” the United States of America, is worse than useless.

    In the end, defeating the fascists is a nice sign post on the road. But the real danger to humanity is Stalin, communism, and the Left. Fascism has energy and communism has cardboard cut out cars. No wonder the Islamic fascists don’t like living in Europe. Fascism and communism only hate each other in so far as they don’t like sharing their loot.