I see a melting pot, they see a stolen dish

Gail alerted me to the Mexica-Movement's proud photo-montage about the March in L.A. I think it's a great site, since it really gives you an idea about the marchers' goals and belief system. I wonder if, once you get insight into these things, you'll be for or against firmer border controls and enforcement. I know where I stand.

The webpage's photo helps orient you to the principles animating the marchers:

March 25, 2006
Los Angeles, California
Occupied Anahuac (Ah-nah-wahc)

I hope you caught that these aren't merely citizens parading through American streets seeking to advance Constitutional rights. Instead, much like abused people everywhere, they're forced to live in occupied territories — in this case "Occupied Anahuac."

The pictures help reinforce this message:

The above picture actually has a great Mexica-Movement caption: "One of the more negative parts of the march was when American flags were passed out to make sure the marchers were looked on as part of "America". (Emphasis mine)" God forbid that people who live in America (whether they came here legally or not) and benefit from American andits healthy economic system should actually look as if they're part of this country. This goes back to my point of a few days ago about the utter irrationality of escaping the economic chaos that is Mexico, and than working hard to turn this country into precisely the same place you left.

But I digress, because the pictures are just as worthy as the words:

You really should check this website out yourself. This movement would be laughable were it not for the fact that, in L.A. alone, 500,000 immigrants to America are deadly serious about reinstating borders that were formally ceded to the U.S. more than a century ago. (And its worth remembering that the Mexicans living in California at the time continued to live here. They simply were overwhelmed by an influx of Anglo-Americans during the Gold Rush, diluting their population density. These protesters, who either came to America themselves, or whose parents came here, are just as much interlopers as the rest of us.

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  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    What a destructive weapon. To convince people to destroy what is good and promote what is evil.

  • Papa Ray

    The Mexicans are not helping their cause. Many see the protests as a A slap in the face!

    Allen Wall (an American Army Vet, living in Mexico) writes that Vicente Fox says: “In Ten Years, The US Will Be Begging Mexico For Workers.”

    Read them both.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  • http://www.cheatseekingmissiles.blogspot.com Laer

    I’d be curious just how indiginous most of the demonstrators are. There’s a lot of European blood flowing through the veins of these SPANISH-speaking people. The Conquistadores were even more ruthless in their treatment of the indiginous people than the northern Europeans.

  • jg

    Victor Davis Hanson (whom I first encountered on CSPAN several years ago) has been warning of this danger for a long time.

    Betsy’s Page has a link to his recent column. Betsy also has outstanding comments, especially about the question of forcing English speaking.


    Here are 2:
    From Edward: (excerpt) As a bilingual immigrant and legally naturalized citizen, please accept my 100% backing for “English Only” education, TV, Radio and press. It is OK to teach a second or third language in school or in the home, but to allow these languages public use is to the detriment of the Nation. It is that very “English only spoken here” that forced previous waves of immigrants to adapt and become American. Looking at Chicago, Miami and LA I am seeing the balkanization of America already in full force…

    Finally, Fausta: We need this debate to be about creating more Americans and not about empowering illegal immigrants.

    The irony is, most Latin American immigrants are here because of the values they share with traditional Americans, such as loyalty to one’s family, the desire to improve oneself socially and financially, faith, and a strong work ethic.

  • http://motherthink.blogspot.com Heather

    Tsk, tsk. Don’t you know that “melting pot” is an outdated term that implies giving up your unique, special, superior (non-European) heritage?! Nowadays we are supposed to say “salad bowl” instead. I’ve seen it in middle school textbooks. Good old multiculturalism.

  • http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com CDR Salamander

    You got a LGF HT; how cool is that!

  • http://hammeringsparksfromtheanvil.blogspot.com/ wordsmith

    Diversity and multiculturalism, as it is preached by the PC left, makes me nauseous. It’s the very notion of a salad bowl and the resistance to assimilate into a melting pot that is wrong with them.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    Class warfare is nice and amusing, but I wonder, what do you do when there are no classes to war in? Do you make new wars up? Or do you redefine yourself and your purpose? And if you can’t redefine yourself?

  • http://arosebyname.blogspot.com Anna

    My sliver of Cherokee heritage probably trumps their “indigenous” claims. It would be funny if it weren’t so scary. I keep thinking of the map I saw showing the concentration of Aztlan “followers” already in the US and can only imagine what will happen in a few years when their numbers have doubled or tripled.