Toot, toot!

That sound you hear in the title of this post is me blowing my own horn. I've got another article published in American Thinker, which is going to have to take the place of blogging this morning. It's about morality and how we teach it to our children in the modern age.

UPDATE:  To those of you coming over from American Thinker — thank you.  And also a mea culpa for confusing Willoughby, the scoundrel from Sense and Sensibility, with Wickham, the cad in Pride & Prejudice.  My only excuse is the late hour at which I was writing, but that's really not a good enough excuse to justify confusing two of the great heels in English literature.

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    Please stop by the American Thinker and read the excellent article written by Bookworm! The article, Political Correctness and the Moral Development of Children, is a wonderfully written treatise on a measured approach to teaching morality. She contras…

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