Clearing up a misperception

One of the black marks against Pres. Bush is the fact that the national debt has increased so much on his watch (something I'm less than thrilled about myself).  Heather, however, offers us some perspective:

According to The Skeptical Optimist, an optimist is "one who believes that humans, on net balance, are builders rather than destroyers." In support of that theory, he has produced The Best Debt Clock in the USA. Everyone knows that the the national debt is rising so fast the number has to be updated several times a second. But did you know (I didn't) that the GDP is rising at pretty much the same rate. Thus the debt-to-GDP ratio remains the same. Yes, we're spending fast, but we're creating fast, too. 

I guess this falls into the "it takes money to make money" category. 

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  • Ymarsakar

    Golden Ages tend to have high income and high maintenance. The military gets 5% of American GDP. Which is like $12.41 trillion (2005 est.) a year.

    600 something billion, military budget total. That’s it. Talk about a war on the cheap. Most nations if they could war at this cost, would like you know, try to take over the world. But we just spend domestically.

    This is as opposed to like, 40 something % GDP in WWII. Now if you increased the military spending to 10% GDP, where would you spend it on?

    This is compared to the “stretched” argument people keep making. Okay. I suppose when you can buy bigazillions of cruise missiles, your manpower would be stretched. Since most systems are automated. The military has a certain amount of fat everytime they go through a peace period. Most of that means corruption and inefficiency, bad training standards and fake readiness reports. It’s amazing what a force on paper does when it goes into real combat. Most of the time, it shatters, if you’re talking about second world countries.

    I’d rather have a stretched and lean military, than a fat clunky military that goes *splat* when they get hit.

    Any military with the money America has, is dangerous. If we ever actually put some of that money into starting insurgencies in Iran to overthrow their government, Iran wouldn’t have a government soon enough. Oh wait, I forgot, Congress shut that down. Oh well.