What censorship really looks like

I love it when people hostile to the current administration get onto every TV show and garner column inches in every newspaper to voice their complaints about censorship and suppression.  Irony doesn't seem to be an operative word in their vocabulary.  These same people are always remarkably quiet when the real deal happens.  In this case, the real deal is Islamofacist militias in Iraq murdering two beloved entertainers:

FOR the crime of staging a children’s show, Faud Radi and Haidar Jawad were executed by the new moral guardians of Baghdad.

The actors were part of the Happy Family Team, a troupe adored by millions of Iraqi children from its frequent appearances on television. The theatrical group and a dozen others were planning an 11-day festival to help youngsters to forget momentarily the curfews, bombings and other dangers of daily life in this city.


Armed militias, which pass for the law in many neighbourhoods these days, had other ideas and set out to sabotage the event.

Safaa Eadi, 31, a founding member of the Happy Family Team, told how the group had been threatened by gunmen, who objected to them giving drama classes to children of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds. A handwritten note had been left on the windscreen of the group’s van, the usual method that the militias employ to warn a target.

“We didn’t take them seriously, so we carried on,” Mr Eadi said. “The next day the building was burnt down.” Then, on the eve of the festival, Mr Radi, 20, and Mr Jawad, 25, were returning to their homes in the Amirayah district of western Baghdad, the heartland of Sunni insurgents.

They were in the van, so they made an easily identifiable target. They had offered to drive a woman friend to hospital on their way. Their vehicle came under a barrage of gunfire on a main road. Mr Jawad and the woman passenger died instantly. Mr Radi was dragged from the van and beaten to death.

It's so frustrating that, rather than putting all our energies to fighting these heinous people, people committed to snuffing out goodness and light all over the world, we are engaged in furious battle at home with people who would deny both that this kind of evil exists and that it is threatening the free life we know and love.
Hat tip:  Clear and Present 

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  • http://slackerswithadvanceddegrees.blogspot.com Thomas


  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    When the fake liberals talk about Iraq being a diversion on the War in Terror, they have a point. Not in the sense they put it, that it is a diversion for dealing with Afghanistan, but that the diversionary tactic is something that they are so familiar with.

    Because they use the diversionary tactics so often and so well, they simply assume the other side would be an idiot not to be using it. So they accuse the other side of using diversionary tactics, while at the same time they believe only smart people diversionary tactics.

    It is only one of the many subtle ways in which the Democrats are not contributing to the war effort. Most Republicans feel it on an emotional level, therefore the often brought about accussation that Democrats are not patriotic or some such. They feel it, but they don’t know the why of it.


    Neo has a good link to the subject of Mistakes Were Made at the bottom of her post. In it, she highlights the problems that could have been avoided had not we been diverted from solving it, by Democratic criticisms.

  • http://www.cheatseekingmissiles.blogspot.com Laer

    I come from a family of well-educated people who used to love a spirited debate. Now they are rigidly set in their ways, wondering what to do with the conservative in their midst, and focusing on Bush’s intelligence — both between the ears and the sort he approves of gathering — instead of on who we are fighting and what we are fighting for. The deterioration of thought, though, is a minor problem compared to the sort of viciousness you brought to light in your terrifying post.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Beg to differ, Laer. It is NOT a minor problem, because if enough people indulge in this kind of idiocy, “the sort of viciousness brought to light” in the post will soon arrive in our country.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    In scope, minor problems combine to create big ones. Lesser evils combine to create greater ones.

    In scale it is very minor. In consequence? perhaps not so.