Thank you, George Bush.

Kevin Sites tells the appalling story of the tortures visited on a child in Afghanistan when, at 5, she was married into a family of sadists.  Although he doesn't say so, I can't help but believe that her tortures were a product of life under the Taliban, and the fact that she was able to escape couldn't have happened but for the War in Afghanistan.  (Although I may well be reading too much into the story.)  In any event, I'll just point out again how silent the American women's movement has been about Arab brutality to women.  Clearly, if they were to acknowledge that brutality, they'd also be forced into doing something they can't do:  thanking George Bush.  Clearly, it's better to hate an American politician than to help a Muslim woman.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Fake liberals are as fake liberal can be. The strong do as they may, and the weak suffer what they must. That has been unchanged since the dawn of time.