“Never appease evil”

The Satan's Femily [sic] -- artist unidentifiedLittle Green Footballs has made available the audio of a beautiful speech Ayaan Hirsi made to the American Jewish Committee when accepting their award for moral courage. Like the lady herself, it was brave and graceful, and I urge you to listen to it. I was especially struck by her point at the end: "Never appease evil." It struck me because of the response to my American Thinker article expressing optimism about certain popular movies and literature. In it, I stated my belief that the Harry Potter books and movies, the Lord of the Ring trilogy, and the Narnia books teach our children precisely the lesson Ms. Hirsi stated: there is evil out there, and the only option is to fight it.

At my blog, in response to that article, I've had a series of polite, thoughtful and articulate comments arguing, as I understand it, that my view is just too black and white. That there's no such thing as evil. That everything can be talked out. That one can always negotiate. That our enemies are people too. All of this may be true in ordinary wars for resources or land or power or dynastic ambitions. However, I do not think this is ever true when the wars revolve around competing ideological beliefs, if one of those beliefs fundamentally respects all humanity, while the other one seeks to control, abuse and destroy most segments of humanity. In those circumstances, the nation that respects humanity must play against type and become tough and aggressive.  This is so because, when all is said and done, you must never appease evil.

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  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    If Bookworm’s view is black and white, I wonder what people would call my views. Ultra-violet and violet?

    You can always negotiate, but my kind of negotiation is not practiced except perhaps by the Russian mob and China. Teddy called it gunboat diplomacy.

    In those circumstances, the nation that respects humanity must play against type and become tough and aggressive.

    I don’t think that is so because you should never appease evil, although it does play a part, but rather that to win against an enemy, you must understand that enemy to destroy him. This means becoming more like him. True human understanding almost never comes about if the character traits of the other person is not present in you. How could you be sympathetic to a person’s compassion, if you have no compassion yourself?

    Thus, to defeat the enemy, you must become more like the enemy. The more brutal and oppressive that enemy, the more of his methods you must adopt to defeat him. The question is always, at what point do you become the enemy. But most people who ask that question, aren’t being honest, in that they never considered learning from their enemies in the first place, so how could they Ever become what they do not understand? Obviously they can’t.

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