Returning to normal

Wow! That was a long blog silence for me. I did lots of things this weekend, most of them pleasant, none of them blogging. I haven't even had a chance to read the papers — and won't for another hour — so I have nothing of substance to say. I'll just leave you with a thought. Although not having wealth myself, I live near a wealthy community and end up getting invited to homes that would be comfortably placed in Architectural Digest. It's always seems to me that, under these circumstances, you have two options: envy or pleasure. I choose the latter. After all, how many of us, on a regular basis, get to walk into the pages of a magazine?

I will admit, though, that I'm not a perfect candidate for sainthood. When I was an older teenager, I felt life was passing me by to see a fourteen year gymnast take a gold medal — "Oh, my God," I'd think. "Not that I can do gymnastics, but I've lost my chance". Now, I sometimes think I've missed the boat when these palatial homes are owned by people in their 30s. That seems a bit much.

[That picture, by the way, is Blenheim Palace, where Winston Churchill was born.]

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  • Patrick O’Hannigan

    I had similar thoughts about the young Olympians. I’m also older than Mozart was when he died, and by some measures (pun intended), I’ve less to show for it. But I suppose one mark of maturity is being able to forgive yourself for your own past, and most of the time, I do.

  • Ruth H

    My comment is going to look like I am patting myself on the back, and I am. At my age I see a lot of younger people who have wonderful houses and I am so thrilled for them. I spent Memorial Day at a crawfish boil at the “new” old home of my niece. It was a thrill to see that she will get to be involved in the restoration of that wonderful old mansion. I am not rich, and neither are her parents, but she will be and there is nothing but joy in that. There are some younger people, not kin to me of course, who are not appreciative of what they have, those I probably would not be as thrilled for, but some have worked hard to get where they are, for what they have and what they do. Those are the ones I celebrate.