What does it take for a killer to become a cause celebre?

You all recall the almighty hooha when Stanley “Tookie” Williams, an Original Gang member for the Cribs, and a convicted killer of four, was put to death last year. You’d have thought the State of California was executing Mother Theresa. Today, with almost no fanfare, the State of Texas put Maturino Resendiz to death. He was convicted of being the infamous railroad killer. He was convicted for one brutal rape and murder, and connected with 15 others. His trail of death is no more nor less bloody than Tookie’s.

And when he died, no one among the glitterati seemed to care. Is it because he was in faraway, not Texas, and not lovely Marin County? Is it because he’s Hispanic and not black? Is it because he didn’t have someone write a children’s book in his name and mount a campaign to rehabilitate his image in the eyes of the loony Left? Your opinions on this are welcome here.

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  • Ellen

    I don’t know why Resendez was ignored by the glitterati. I do remember when there was a manhunt out for him since he had been spotted near the town I live in. The local infodude asked a man on the street (who was hispanic) if he felt threatened by the police because of his ethnic background. It was then, that my feelings toward the news media crystalized. They are IDIOTS all of them!