I told you so….

Don’t you hate people who say “I told you so”? I do, unless I’m the one saying it. This time, I’m saying it regarding the Israeli troops massed on the Gaza border. But let me back up a bit….

Last night, Mr. Bookworm, who reads only the NY Times, asked me “What the heck are the Israelis doing?” He was not pleased. My response was that the kidnapping served only as an excuse to do what the Israelis intended to do ever since Sharon withdrew the settlers and gave the Palestinians a state: they’re attacking a sovereign state. The “I told you so” in all of this is that, last year, when Sharon began the disengagement, I said (and wrote) that disengagement was a good idea because it gave Israel a sovereign state against which to act. Before, Israel had been waging war on her own territories and the world had castigated her for attacking the victims of her own imperialism. By withdrawing, Israel created a nice, bright line. The Palestinians are now governing themselves and, like any government, must abide by the consequences of their actions.

That Israel was right in the withdrawal (and that she was correct in her assessment that it made military actions easier, not harder) is evidenced, I think, by the surprising fact that the NY Times has actually blamed the Palestinians, not the Israelis, for the looming military action:

The Palestinians who futilely threw up sand berms on Gaza’s main roads to deflect Israeli troop movements were building their defenses in the wrong direction. The responsibility for this latest escalation rests squarely with Hamas, whose military wing tunneled into Israel on Sunday, killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped another. This was a follow-up to a declaration earlier this month by Hamas’s political leadership that the group’s 16-month intermittent cease-fire would no longer be observed.  [Emphasis mine.]

As Clarice Feldman, writing at the American Thinker, says, “Maybe Pinch and Keller are both on vacation.”

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  • isirota1965

    It must have absolutely KILLED the NYT editors to write that (though if you read the whole thing, they do take their mandatory potshots at Israel)! 😉

    And ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because the rest of the world will blame Israel for this anyway.

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  • http://expreacherman.wordpress.com/ expreacherman


    You said:

    Brilliant deduction… Israel is crazy like a fox…


  • http://expreacherman.wordpress.com/ expreacherman


    The Block quote worked NOT.

    I quoted you, “By withdrawing, Israel created a nice, bright line. The Palestinians are now governing themselves and, like any government, must abide by the consequences of their actions.” and agree — yours was a brilliant observation.. and Israel is crazy like a fox..


  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    When you understand propaganda wars and conventional military mobilizations, you start to understand what “conditions on the ground must determine strategies” really means.

    For someone with an ideological bend, there must be some kind of hypocritical quality to advocating staying the course in Iraq while urging Israel to pull out of gaza.

    In reality, it’s just good strategy. Israel is not America. Israel is smaller, weaker, less wealthy, and they don’t have the amount of money to wage war as the Arab oil rich conglomerates have. Therefore their reactions are always more violent than ours, because they have more to lose. A man with nothing to lose is more dangerous than a man with everything to lose. There is no leverage. Winston said that he changed his mind when the facts changed. People with an investment in an ideology, like anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism, can’t change their minds. To them, it must remain consistent, America out, Jews out. Any lack of consistency and they might go to hell or something. Bad mojo.

    The reason I liked Israel’s pull out from Gaza is because Israel just did not know how to conduct occupation duties. They were not assimilating the local population to Israeli ways, they were not making friends and allies amongst the Palestinians and they were not doing themselves a favor in the propaganda war by appearing as occupiers and only “responding” after a suicide attack. This allowed the media to setup the “Hamas suicides, Israel retaliates” gig.

    Israel was not benefiting from occupying Gaza. In Iraq, America is benefiting loads by acquiring combat experience, local language arts, local Iraqi intel networks, and various other things you can’t pick up from an American training base.

    For exPreacher, I think the Pentagon might be interfering a bit with the block ; )

  • zhombre

    Sure, but every day I become more convinced that the Palestineans are a nation-state in the way The Three Stooges are a string quartet.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    It’s a double blind zhombre. Israel wants everyone to believe that Israel believes that Palestine is a real nation, because Israel wants a justification to assassinate the entire government of Hamas or some other act of war.

    Hamas knows that Israel knows that Hamas ain’t a real government, but everyone pretends, for their own reasons.

    If you can make an asymmetrical war, symmetrical, you win, if you can match your strengths against their strengths and win that is.

  • http://soccerdad.baltiblogs.com soccer dad

    I disagree that the disengagement was helpful … however you are not alone: