One very creepy country

If you’ve ever wondered what the reductio ad absurdum of socialism is, I think North Korea must be the answer.  Certainly the many pictures that Russia’s top web designer took during a recent trip there make it seem like the closest thing the real world has to Orwell’s imagined 1984.  This picture and its caption, from a country that is nominally in the 21st Century (and sophisticated enough to launch rockets), really struck me:

“They still havent figured out how to make flat glass withtout bubbles, the only exception are the windows in the hotel or large vitrines.”
Hat tip:  Power Line

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  • Zhombre

    Fortunately their rockets are as poorly designed as their glass.

  • Ymarsakar

    This reminds me of the might makes right arguments. If socialism and tyranny were the default system for humanity, then why isn’t NOrth Korea the superpower of the Earth in the 21st century? Russia, China, what happened to these “enlightened social program” states.

    No matter how powerful a tyranny is, there’s always someone more powerful. How far does this go, I wonder.

  • Ymarsakar

    I was watching CNN, and the people they have on there really are mouth pieces for Korean propaganda. Sure, they’ll tell you that they had minders that prevented them from talking to the people, but that doesn’t prevent them from repeating the North Korean propaganda line about how Bush disengaged the Clinton policies of “engagement” (appeasement), and how the NK’s feel besieged and how only nuclear weapons can prevent an invasiona ala Iraq.

    They’re doing it again, what they did during 2003 and Saddam, they’re doing it again.