Me!? An anti-Semite? Ha!

Those of us who believe in Israel’s right to exist are tired of the old trope that the new anti-Zionists are not also the old anti-Semites.  It’s easy enough to point out that these are not people who are simply criticizing a State’s — any state’s — policies vis a vis, say, welfare or taxes.  Those types of criticisms are fair against any nation.  These “anti-Zionists”, instead, are people who wish to see Israel destroyed entirely, and who cheer on violent efforts against that State and its people — despite the fact that there are many other countries in the world that more closely (much more closely) conform to their claims that Israel is the epicenter of world evil.

Well, someone has taken on that mindset, by exposing the impossible line these new anti-Semites, ur, I mean, anti-Zionists, draw between their perverted amalgam of anti-Semitism, anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-Western values, on the one hand, and “anti-Zionism” on the other hand.  Be warned, though, that there are some very disturbing photos at this link.  But since the Israelis have to live this stuff, and we only have to see it in the context of an essay exposing hypocrisy and virulent hatred, it’s worth stomaching.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I was watching one of those programs on cspan or was it the history channel, and I think it was right before or right after 9/11, and they interviewed Palestinian children and teenagers compared to Israeli ones. The Israeli ones said they didn’t hate Palestinians. I forget what the Palestinians said, but it was probably something about vendetta or something.

    Americans would never have stood for this, we will not go silently into the night as we are disarmed and stripped of our dignity and self-respect.

    If people on the Left think the Republicans are over-reacting on the border situation, they should wait to see what happens if there’s actually a real “border war” between the US and Mexican insurgents. America has historically been a nation that went to war because the people demanded it. Ami Revolution, Civil War, Spanish Ami War, WWI, WWII, War on Terror.

    Some of those wars have been total wars, victory or annihilation. Some, were settled by peace treaty and ceding of land to the US.

    They pick on Israel because Israel doesn’t fight back nearly as hard as Americans would. There is nothing wrong with Israel’s military, they proved that in the last century. It is just their politicians and the essence of democracy, debate, and stupidity.

    Weakness invites attack, mercy invites weakness. Only from a position of strength do you give mercy, and you will only get that position of strength when you demonstrate that your strength is real and can and will be used, that it isn’t just there for “show”.

    Americans and Indians have fought some bloody arse border wars, especially if you look up the history of Daniel Boone in Kentucky. But there ARE NO Indian suicide bombers, terroists, or what not. While there are violent black organizations like the new Panthers, even they will not dare to brush the face of death by violating US laws and persons. They walk a fine line, because any organization or person who attempts to challenge the existence of the United States has either ceased to exist, or has been lobotomized into a much less dangerous existence. Germany/Japan. Communism, Russia.

    Right wing militias that wanted to assassinate people down South, the FBI broke their cells apart like ripe melons. McVeigh, executed within around a year, not kept prisoner until his bodies got him “released” through a prisoner exchange.

    Israel’s political situation demands that they must go on the attack, yet their national character prevents this. You cannot win if there is no will for victory and no hate for the enemy. The Jews have no hate for Palestinians, they have no fire. So their option is to retreat, to hold up in a defensible location, and wait until the tide has turned. And Israel will not even accept concrete help from the United States, and the US is too conscious of being called an Empire to send soldiers where the local government refuses to have them. Israel doesn’t want American soldiers to fight in Gaza, and neither do we. They are on their own, by their choice.

    How long this lasts, I guess, depends upon Iraq. Israel is stale mated, so we started another front. Start enough fronts and the enemy collapses organization wise. There seems to be about 6 fronts in all, 7 if you count Africa. Indonesia, lots of population, Kashmir, Chechnya, Europe, Israel, and Iraq-Iran-Afghanistan region. While Israel is close to Iraq, because of Israeli political decisions, their front is entirely separate. Chechnya connects to Iraq-Iran-Afghanistan if you take out Iran. At the same time, if you take out Syria, Iraq then connects to Israel through Lebanon. Take out Pakistan and you connect Afghanistan front to Kashmir.

    If you connect the fronts together so that they can mutually support each other, Islamic Jihad will fail. Because it will allow us to outflank the enemy. Instead of always fighting from pakistan to Afghanistan, they will have no where to go, no where to run. But Bush doesn’t have this grand strategy in mind, this “connect the dots” thinking. Or if he does, he isn’t telling anyone.

    Bush’s actions don’t seem to be supporting the Grand Goal. It is like what happened with Iraq in 2003. The military had a surprise lightning strike to baghdad, but Bush’s political game was to drag things out as long as possible. If Bush wanted to drag things out, why didn’t he settle on a longer iraq war? If he wanted SHORTER war, he should have invaded in 2002, with 2 day’s notice. So there is this inconsistency between the political game not backing the military game. Similar to what happens when the Air Force fails to coordinate with the Army, and blue on blue occurs.

    You can buy time with Iran, sure, I have no problem with that. But what are you doing with that time though? Are you taking down Syria with that time? pakistan? Doesn’t seem so. Bush knows the price of being all the defense, but he doesn’t seem to connect this to political games like diplomacy.

  • Ymarsakar

    Some people don’t believe this is a World War on Terror. I suggest they take a remedial course on military history.

  • jg

    It’s important that Americans strongly critique European politics, especially in regard to Israel.

    Europe has a blood debt to the Jewish race beyond redemption.

    I find myself contemptuous of insular European opinion on most world affairs. Their attitudes simply are out of touch with the real world.

    But we must be concerned about general European ignorance and weakness. Were European states to be subverted by Islam, what sort of nightmare futures might we face: wholesale emigration of peoples, especially those with Jewish history, at the least.