Funny that they don’t mention who he is

One of today’s most emailed NPR stories discusses a book by Robert Jensen, a professor of media ethics and journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.  In his book, Jensen purports to explain why all white people are in fact racists. I haven’t listened to the story, nor have I read the book (although I did read the excerpt of the book at the NPR web site). Frankly, it sounds like liberal, guilt-ridden psychobabble to me, but what do I know?

Oh, wait. I do know one thing. Jensen is no stranger to the media. While you probably won’t hear it on NPR, these are a few more things you should know about Jensen if you read his book:

According to the Professor Watch List, Jensen introduces the “unsuspecting” student to a crash course in “socialism, white privilege, the truth about the Persian Gulf War and the role of America as the world’s prominent sponsor of terrorism.

“Jensen half-heartedly attempts to tie his rants to ‘critical issues’ in journalism, insisting his lessons are valid under the guise of teaching potential journalists to ‘think’ about the world around them. Jensen is also renowned for using class time when he teaches Media Law and Ethics to ‘come out’ and analogize gay rights with the civil rights movement,” the list entry for Jensen reads.

Aside from classroom idiocy, Jensen was a strident voice after 9/11.  In an article published on September 26, 2001 in the Houston Chronicle, Jensen offered these pearls of wisdom:

But as I listened to people around me talk, I realized the anger and fear I felt were very different, for my primary anger is directed at the leaders of this country and my fear is not only for the safety of Americans but for innocent civilians in other countries.

It should need not be said, but I will say it: The acts of terrorism that killed civilians in New York and Washington were reprehensible and indefensible; to try to defend them would be to abandon one’s humanity. No matter what the motivation of the attackers, the method is beyond discussion.

But this act was no more despicable than the massive acts of terrorism — the deliberate killing of civilians for political purposes — that the U.S. government has committed during my lifetime. For more than five decades throughout the Third World, the United States has deliberately targeted civilians or engaged in violence so indiscriminate that there is no other way to understand it except as terrorism. And it has supported similar acts of terrorism by client states.

If that statement seems outrageous, ask the people of Vietnam. Or Cambodia and Laos. Or Indonesia and East Timor. Or Chile. Or Central America. Or Iraq. Or Palestine. The list of countries and peoples who have felt the violence of this country is long. Vietnamese civilians bombed by the United States. Timorese civilians killed by a U.S. ally with U.S.-supplied weapons. Nicaraguan civilians killed by a U.S. proxy army of terrorists. Iraqi civilians killed by the deliberate bombing of an entire country’s infrastructure.

So, my anger is directed not only at individuals who engineered the Sept. 11 tragedy, but at those who have held power in the United States and have engineered attacks on civilians every bit as tragic. That anger is compounded by hypocritical U.S. officials’ talk of their commitment to higher ideals, as President Bush proclaimed “our resolve for justice and peace.”  [Emphasis mine.]

It goes on in this vein, but I really don’t want to waste my blog space with this type of stuff.  You get the drift.  And the people of the great state of Texas get to pay this man’s salary.

Now, do you really want this man lecturing to you about racism?

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  • Ymarsakar

    These people need to take a vacation in the land of the Drakka.

  • zhombre

    I went to the NPR link and read the excerp from Jensen’s book. What crap! His book may be better described as Jensen’s projection of his own angst and anxieties on society at large. Yes, his anxietes are real: his position in academia is largely unearned, because he has no real talent and is not a scholar but an ideologue; yes, in a truly equitable society where advancement was based on merit and ability, he wouldn’t be featured on NPR (which probably wouldn’t exist); instead he’d be working in the university library, stacking books; and yes, in some alternative reality, a down to earth black conservative who has achieved authority by dint of his or her effort might say, “Jensen, you are so full of shit! You’re a phony, baby!” Btw I knew of Jensen previously and had thought he was a stiff, humorless crypto-Stalinist whose demeanor suggested he had a pole stuck up a certain aperture.

  • jg

    Where is Angela Davis when we need her? I guess it’s no longer acceptable to label Jensen’s rant “Communist.”

  • mamapajamas

    Jg… it’s perfectly acceptable to me. His rant is communist. And one more time… that is nothing more than Feudal redistribution dressed up in new clothes.

    He can rant all he wants… the reasonable among us will recognize what his pseudo-intellectual nonsense is: Hogwash.

  • Zhombre

    Ymar — where is Drakka?

  • Anna

    Between this guy and the lunatic who was threatening Jeff Goldstein’s 2 year-old, I’m afraid to let my daughter go to college next year! (JG is the blogger-Protein Wisdom and the woman making molestation threats is or rather was a associate professor of psychology at the University of Arizona!)

  • Ymarsakar

    Sorry, too many kks. It’s actually Drakas. The Draka is a superpower collected from defeated Southern plantation remnants after the American Civil War exodus. It started from Africa, Capetown. Using Africa’s resources and manpower via slavery, it grew to be a superpower before WWII.

    The Draka aristocracy are warriors the equal of the United States Marine Corps, always training themselves to be able to fight off internal rebellion and dissent. They committ suicide before surrendering to the enemy, because they torture the hell out of anyone they capture.

    The Draka is basically America on steroids and being Evil. If the Left went on vacation there, they would see the reality of the world laid bare, without the smothering protection of motherly America hiding the truth from their eyes.

    S.M Stirling is the author.

    Anna, if a person knows the basics of a martial arts like Jujitsu, from the 1930s self-teaching manual, there should be nothing to be afraid of physically. Mentally, that’s something else.