Imagine a world without anti-Semites

The vile inanity lives on at the Daily Kos. Today’s revolting post asks us to “Imagine a World Without Israel.” It spins a fantasy of lion living in peace with lamb, flowers and sunshine. How about we imagine a Middle East without Israel? From one end of the Muslim crescent to another, without the slight breathing space of Israel’s little Western-style democracy, there would be an unending sea of flowing blood as the Sharia fanatics slaughtered and tortured their own citizens. Don’t believe me? Check out, in no particular order, Iran, the Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, each of which have committed unbearable atrocities against their own citizens (and we’re not even talking about what they do to do their enemies).

Surprisingly, at least some of the moonbats in the Kos comments section have taken exception to this dystopian fantasy.

By the way, a deeper thinker than the fool at Daily Kos has imagined a world without Israel, and the Middle East doesn’t shape up any better.  Just an example:

Regimes vs. Peoples: The existence of Israel cannot explain the breadth and depth of the Mukhabarat states (secret police states) throughout the Middle East. With the exceptions of Jordan, Morocco, and the Gulf sheikdoms, which gingerly practice an enlightened monarchism, all Arab countries (plus Iran and Pakistan) are but variations of despotism—from the dynastic dictatorship of Syria to the authoritarianism of Egypt. Intranational strife in Algeria has killed nearly 100,000, with no letup in sight. Saddam’s victims are said to number 300,000. After the Khomeinists took power in 1979, Iran was embroiled not only in the Iran-Iraq War but also in barely contained civil unrest into the 1980s. Pakistan is an explosion waiting to happen. Ruthless suppression is the price of stability in this region.

Again, it would take a florid imagination to surmise that factoring Israel out of the Middle East equation would produce liberal democracy in the region. It might be plausible to argue that the dialectic of enmity somehow favors dictatorship in “frontline states” such as Egypt and Syria—governments that invoke the proximity of the “Zionist threat” as a pretext to suppress dissent. But how then to explain the mayhem in faraway Algeria, the bizarre cult-of-personality regime in Libya, the pious kleptocracy of Saudi Arabia, the clerical despotism of Iran, or democracy’s enduring failure to take root in Pakistan? Did Israel somehow cause the various putsches that produced the republic of fear in Iraq? If Jordan, the state sharing the longest border with Israel, can experiment with constitutional monarchy, why not Syria?

It won’t do to lay the democracy and development deficits of the Arab world on the doorstep of the Jewish state. Israel is a pretext, not a cause, and therefore its dispatch will not heal the self-inflicted wounds of the Arab-Islamic world. Nor will the mild version of “statocide,” a binational state, do the trick—not in view of the “civilization of clashes” (to borrow a term from British historian Niall Ferguson) that is the hallmark of Arab political culture. The mortal struggle between Israelis and Palestinians would simply shift from the outside to the inside.

Not only would the Middle East be as ugly as ever, our lives would be worse.  Check out a few facts about this tiny country and what it’s done for the world of inventions and ideas.

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  • Bill C


    Liberals have a hierarchy of agrieved groups. They decide which side to take based on which side is more put upon. Recently they have dehumanized Jews/Israelis because they have adopted Palestinians as they most agrieved.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Imagine a world without people like Daily Kos. Fake liberals don’t care about humanity because they’ve already grouped “human beings” into “dehumanized” sub-groups, unter-menschen groups, and uber-menschen groups. The Left Hollywood crackers are the uber-menschen group along with the fictitious “America – with blue UN cap”. Everyone else are the unter-menschens.

    It works, I guess, if your goal is 1984.

  • jg

    I like Y.’s comment.

    The FrontPage article/Joffe is a bit long, but he does scrub out the little lies the media throws at us.

    It is important to remember that there is no real “world opinion” on most matters, including this conflict. “What everybody should think” is a fabrication conceived by Leftists to use as a tool against the truth.

    And Israel.

    I am tired–as Bookworm– of this evil hatred, which Joffe details. Civilized members of the world community should abhor it. Those in the world who choose to denigrate Israel are deserving of the utmost moral condemnation.