Can I boast?

I sit home most of the day at my computer staring at tremendously boring legal documents.  To while away my time, I listen to talk radio (through KRLA).  Occasionally, I get exercised enough by what I hear to call in.  Last week, a call to Dennis Prager had him suggesting me as one of the calls to include in the compilations he puts together every Friday (although I don’t know if I made the final cut, since I wasn’t around Friday to listen).  This week, a call to Michael Medved had him promising to send me something in the mail.  I have no idea if I was particularly insightful in either call, of course.  It may be that, every hour and ten minutes, Prager says a caller will be included in his weekly compilation, or that Medved always sends stuff to the caller he talks to near the top of the hour.  Nevertheless, each interaction gave me just a little thrill, and the opportunity to boast about it afterwards!

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  • Earl

    Oh, GOOD for you!!

    I doubt both of your self-deprecating explanations, and based on this blog, I’m betting that your comments were a good deal more insightful than the average.

    Keep it up!

  • friend

    Bookworm, you’re thoughts are a valuable contribution to me and I suspect to plenty of others that rarely, if ever comment.

  • friend

    I meant ‘your’ not you’re.

  • Patrick O’Hannigan

    If Medved and Prager are smart enough to see that you are both insightful and articulate, good for them.

    I did a radio show in college, and briefly considered continuing in radio afterward, but decided I’m more of a quiet person and less of a talker.