Just who is getting killed out there?

Even the propaganda organs can only be taken so far before the reporters realize they’re being played for total fools. How else to explain the fact that the BBC has acknowledged that some of the bodies in Lebanon belong to terrorists, not “innocent” civilians:

The British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) has admitted that many of the victims of Israeli retaliation in Lebanon are terrorists and not innocent civilians. A BBC reporter said he saw Hizbullah terrorists using a private home and added, “It is difficult to quantify who is a terrorist and who is a civilian.”

Media reports have emphasized that Israeli air strikes have killed more than 350 Lebanese civilians, prompting accusations that the IDF is carrying out “collective punishment” on the country.

Hat tip:  Gerry Charlotte Phelps

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  • Zhombre

    And the Beeb and other Western news sources are conducting a policy of “collective gullibility.”

  • jg

    A rather collected speaker from the Hudson Institute briefly appeared on FoxNews today and made a certainly important point:

    ‘the UN has no stated definition of terrorism.’ I didn’t know that. Instead, the female expert continued, the UN employs such terms as ‘cycles of violence.’

    Due to its miserable performance since 1978 along the Israel/Lebanon border (and for other reasons) the expert asserted:
    ‘the UN is part of the problem in this conflict.’

    Which is a point Bookworm made earlier.