Remembering the silent ones

Although war rages because of them, we don’t hear the voices of the three kidnapped Israeli soldiers — Gilad Shalit, age 19; Eldad Regev, age 26; and Ehud Goldwasser, age 31. Lest they be forgotten (which is generally a good source for information about Israel in this time of war), asks that concerned people put pressure on the International Red Cross to assure those soldiers’ safety. Here’s the info:

Contact Information for the
International Red Cross

July 21, 2006

Per our last e-mail, we are encouraging you to help place pressure on the International Red Cross regarding visits to the three abducted Israeli Soldiers.
This alert includes the snail mail addresses, phone and fax numbers.
Thank you in advance for your help with this.

ACTION: WRITE TO THE INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS. Encourage them to demand to see the three abducted Israeli soldiers. Use this letter to fax or mail to them at the addresses below (click to read and feel free to use it) or please write your own. For a non-PDF version of the letter, go to this link

e-mail to: with a copy to

If your organization would like to be included as a signer please contact us immediately at and we will add you to the letter that appears on our website.

We are copying journalists all over the world with this letter and we suggest that you do the same. For a great list of journalists click here

Print out this letterContact Information for the International Red Cross:

Telephone (Geneva):
011 41 22 730 42 22
(call monday through friday business hours- Geneva)
FAX GENEVA: 011 41 22 733 20 57
Fax to the American Red Cross: 202-587-4696

International Red Cross
1100 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036


International Red Cross
19 avenue de la Paix
CH 1202, Geneva

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  • Ymarsakar

    I remember a time when the weak suffered what they had to and the strong did what they wanted. Even when the weak are protected by their nation… nothing seems to have changed much. The strong still do what they want, and the weak and helpless suffer what they may.

    In a million years, what will they write of the human race? Who will have seen the rise and fall of our civilizations, across the breadth of milleniums with our planet Earth traveling around and around our semi-eternal sun?

    Will they have understood the continuity and discontuity of human existence, of the physical and unbendable principles which guided our existence?

    Ah, but I’m wandering into philosophizing. I’ve always asked myself, what is the purpose of strength, what is the true nature of strength, if it cannot be used to protect the weak and helpless…