Picture = 1000 words

It took me three glances to get the message in this picture, and then I thought it was brilliant:

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

UPDATE:  If you can’t see the image on my blog, just go on over to Michelle Malkin.  There’s prescient Oliphant cartoon, but that’s not what I was actually linking to.  Instead, I was caught by the images of “A soldier of Palestine” and “A soldier of Israel.”

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    Thanks for posting that link to Malkin without the label. I recall reading blogs about “Oliphant UN Cartoon” and passed right by it — knowing from past history that Oliphant was extremely liberal — I didn’t want to waste my time.

    What a surprise — the ‘toon was right on the money.. What prompted him to draw that 34 years ago?


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    Good guess — but Kennedy was liberal and supported the UN — Oliphant was liberal and opposed the UN (??) (at that time)… But I know — liberals change opinions to match their prejudices, not necessarily with good judgment.

    But, as Book says, it is a great political cartoon for today


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