Red cross and media complicit in faked scenes

My past few photograph posts have been following stories about Hajj’s decision to manipulate the photographs he took.  Of course, that’s not the only thing that’s happening in Lebanon.  Another huge problem is the fact that Hezbollah is faking entire scenes for photographers’ benefit.  EU Referendum follows one such staged event which is especially disturbing for two reasons:  first, the Red Cross appears to be participating actively in this bizarre charade and, second, a genuine dead child is dragged around, and manhandled, as a prop in this grotesque show.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Humans, aren’t they so clever?

    I think there is an underlying reason why the Soviets and the Arabs are better at deception, haggling, and propaganda than the US. The US focuses civilization based upon order. Spycraft, tradecraft, sabotage, and assassination are all based upon disorder, chaos, the fomenting of entropy to decay and degrade the base of reality.

    So naturally chaotic places, those that have no standard of civilizations or one with a degrading standard of civilization, will produce better spies and those adept at deception. Illusion is their honey and deception is their cake, it is what they eat, it is what they are.

    America’s focus on technology, science, engineering, it is all based upon an orderly view of the world. A world that obeys laws, laws that are enforced by reality itself, laws that always work. This is like Order vs Chaos. We have the strength but inflexibility of Order up against the flexibility and subtleness of Chaos.

  • jg

    American Thinker links to a detailed outline of some of the frauds. It’s hard not to believe what your own eyes tell you: purposefully false news. It’s more than just a picture or two from this one-time occurrence as Reuters or others may suggest.

  • benning

    The International Red Cross recognizes the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, but refuses to recognize the Red Magen David (Star of David). I have no time for the Red Cross anymore. They have sold out their principles for political purposes.

  • Ymarsakar

    The American Red Cross needs to disassociate themselves from the International Red Cross. the ARC is getting a very bad reputation, due to the IRC, and it is not helping any Americans due to this.

  • thinker

    The Red Cross DOES recognize MDA.

    That happened after the American Red Cross withheld payments to the International Committee for five years. Give the American Red Cross a break here, for making that happen.