Cuba, past and present

One of my favorite bloggers, Patrick, who cultivates the erudite, amusing and humane Paragraph Farmer, has a beautiful article at American Spectator about Cuba’s past, and Castro’s best efforts to erase that memory from Cuban minds.  It’s a lovely read, with Miami Vice, beautiful women, and crocodile tears all mixing in logical harmony.

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    Well, all I know is that while i’ve heard a lot about Cuba in the last 10 years, nobody had ever said anything about how prosperous Cuba was before Castro came around. It seemed all the documentaries, films, and whatevers about the Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK missed all that… conveniently.

    The media didn’t mention it. Now I wasn’t paying attention before 9/11, but I watched enough news and cspan to realize that nobody said anything about Cuba’s past, even when that Haiti was going on.

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