Today’s last word on Popal

I blogged myself into exhaustion yesterday keeping up with the development (or, should I say, degradation) of the Popal story, as it went from being about random terror, to an Islamic perpetrator, to a crazy guy. Today, believe it or not, I should be working, not blogging. I’ll therefore leave the last word to Thomas Lifson, who ably writes about how we inevitably catagorize these Muslim mass murderers within our midst as deranged:

Was Hitler crazy? He certainly believed in bizarre contra-factual conspiracy theories, had a deep interest in the occult, and is believed by many historians to have so ineptly and arbitrarily handled German military strategy and weapons development that he turned quite possible victory into defeat for the Third Reich.

Does it matter whether or not he was technically insane? Probably not. Judge him by his actions.

The same approach should be taken with those who seek to slay Jews, Americans, and infidels in the name of Islam.

This week saw yet another incident of a young Muslim male traveling to a location where Jews can be found, and attempting to murder them. Omeed Aziz Popal, who drove his vehicle into pedestrians in San Francisco and Fremont, was quickly diagnosed by nearly all the media as a lone, insane young man, a paranoid schizophrenic who had been previously hospitalized. Eyewitnesses who reportedly heard him say “I am a terrorist” were all but ignored by San Francisco media, save for KTVU, Channel 2, the local Fox affiliate.

Read the rest here.

Incidentally, in my first paragraph, I originally wrote that Thomas Lifson “able writes about our secular society’s fevered insistence that anyone who kills in the name of religion isn’t a religious warrior, but is crazy.” As I finished the sentence, though, it occurred to me that, if a vocal Christian guy were to go nuts and kill (or try to kill) a bunch of people, his religious beliefs would dominate the airwaves. And this despite the fact that modern Christianity does not demand that its followers engage in Holy War. It’s only when a member of a religion that demands Holy War actually engages in such a war that we hear, absolutely, positively, that the killer is . . . crazy.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Christian guy blow up abortion center. Christianity is now an armed militia attempting to deprive people of their civil right to privacy or something or the other.

    This guy who runs over people and the Washington snipers? They just crazy criminals, you see.

  • erp

    There are two camps. In the Good Guys Camp (GGC) are all the protected “minorities” which many times are majorities in their communities. Any and all of club member’s behavior, no matter how false, depraved and murderous, can be explained away because it is we, in the bad guys camp (BGC), who are at fault.

    The GGC is a moveable feast. The left and their accomplices in the media determine which multi-cult will be awarded victim status at any give time. Sometimes there is a conflict of interest and that’s why the NOW gang and other women’s rights groups have totally ignored the plight of Moslem women. Moslems as part of the GGC can’t be held responsible or even identified as bad guys, so the women being killed and beaten by male family members obeying Islamic law are off limits to the left’s usual bleeding heart activism.

    In the Bad Guys Camp (BGC) are Republicans, upper and lower case conservatives, most libertarians, the VRWC, born agains, non-liberal American blacks and Hispanics as well as newcomers from Haiti and Equatorial Africa, Cubans and Eastern Europeans who lived under communism and who know first hand socialism’s threat to world peace and prosperity.

    Asians, including East Indians, in the U.S. have in the most part, rejected victimhood, so there are probably few in the GGC and unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough effort to recruit them into the BGC.

    In the past, the Moslems who were my friends and neighbors (there was a large Moslem community where I grew up) and the many Moslem co-workers, both American and foreign nationals, were law-abiding and very socially conservative, but now that they’ve become radicalized and either endorse or give tacit approval to terrorists, the GGC has put all Moslems not actively speaking out against Islamic terrorism in their protective custody.

    The obvious object is to destroy our American way of life. As long as we remain the land of the free and the home of the brave, there’s little chance, no matter how much the left agitates, that they’ll succeed in toppling the U.S. of A.