Whew! Calderon will be sworn in

Mexico’s Leftists took a page out of the post-election Democratic guidebook — protest, deny, accuse and whine — and ended with the same result: the candidate who was declared the victor will, in fact, win:

Mexico’s electoral court will name ruling party conservative Felipe Calderon president-elect on Tuesday, rejecting claims the fiercely disputed July 2 vote was unfair, sources said.

Losing left-wing candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has alleged widespread vote-rigging, but the seven electoral court judges tossed out his fraud claims last week and they are to deliver their final ruling on Tuesday.

Sources close to the court said on Monday the magistrates would declare the election process was clean, give a final vote count and confirm Calderon’s razor-thin victory.

“Everything appears to indicate the vote will be unanimous,” one of the sources told Reuters.

The election campaign and the fraud claims have split Mexico and posed a serious challenge to its young democracy just six years after President Vicente Fox’s historic victory ended seven decades of one-party rule.

Lopez Obrador, whose supporters have crippled central Mexico City with protests for the last month, says he will never recognize Calderon’s victory and will set up a parallel government to overhaul Mexico.

Now I have to admit — and here are my biases shining through loudly and clearly — that I would be less surprised to find widespread fraud in a Mexican election than in an American one. Nevertheless, given the terrorist security risk Mexico poses to America because of the porous border, and given Mexico’s abysmal economy, I can only say I’m pleased that, for whatever reason, a conservative won. One can only hope that the average Mexican’s probable yearning for normalcy and economic stability will have him or her treating Obrador’s “parallel government” with the contempt it deserves.

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  1. erp says

    Book, you’re reading to much msm. There is no widespread voter fraud in the US except in already known areas of political corruption like the inner cities and some tightly held Democratic strongholds like Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, etc.

  2. JJ says

    Obrador m,ust have missed the last Washington state elections, when Gregoire wound up as governor.

    If you lose, you recount. Then, when you’ve lost the recount, you recount again. Having lost that too, clearly this calls for another recount!

    Until after a while your Republican opponent, being a person of inestimably more class and concern for the welfare of the state than you are, will throw up his hands in disgust and say “for God’s sake, let her be the governor, or this agony will be prolonged forever” – and you win!

    Obrador just quit too early, after only one recount. He must, down deep, be vaguely more honorable than Christine Gregoire or Maria Cantwell.

  3. Ymarsakar says

    Let’s hope this guy ain’t another Vicente Fox clone.

    If you lose, you recount. Then, when you’ve lost the recount, you recount again. Having lost that too, clearly this calls for another recount!

    No, obviously this calls for getting an assassination guild and getting rid of the oppressive illegal government by taking the streets and the capital.

    Erp, Book didn’t make a statement. She made a relative comparison, independent of the state of the variables at play. It is true that Mexico has a great probably of corruption whatsoever the amount of corruption in the US is or is not.

  4. mamapajamas says

    Book, re: “I can only say I’m pleased that, for whatever reason, a conservative won”

    The problem is that “conservative” is a relative term. It all depends on which country you are in and what it is that you’re being conservative about.

    In the Anglosphere, this is a no-brainer. A “conservative” is pretty much what a conservative is in the US. Probably having the common basis of the English Common Law is the reason for the similarity.

    But in, say, Russia, a “conservative” would be someone who is trying to conserve… bring back the good old days… communism. This is the reason the gorillas who tried to pull off the putsch in the old USSR in its last days were called “conservatives” even though they were so far to the left they fell off the planet. In Germany, Austria, etc, a “conservative” is basically a neo-Nazi. That is the reason Europeans don’t understand US conservatives at all… they’re thinking in their own terms. The people who are for free-market trade are called “liberals” in Europe. Their views coincide with our libertarians, and the people whose views coincide with what we call “liberals” here are openly called socialists over there, a view designation that would guarantee an election defeat in most of the US. In Europe, only in the UK is a “liberal” and a “conservative” pretty much the same as it is in the US.

    Please note that Mexico is not a part of the Anglosphere. I’d have to see what Calderon’s policies look like before I start cheering, because I have no idea what it is that a Mexican would want to “conserve”. I’ll have to wait and find out where he’s coming from.

  5. erp says

    We are clearly the losers in the war of semantics, but even if we’re not sure what “conservative” means in Mexico, we are sure what leftist means and it ain’t pretty. Fox may a horror, but at least he didn’t let Mexico slip back into Maxism, so let’s hope for best and give Calderon, if not cheers, the benefit of the doubt.

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