Back to school night

When my children were at a Montessori school and I attended back to school nights, I wished that I could go back to school too.

Now that my children attend a public school (and a really excellent public school at that) and I attend a back to school night, I’m grateful that my own school years are over.

Montessori is an invitation to learn; traditional schooling is a factory exercise in stuffing information into children.  I’m confident that my children will do well, because they are bright, loved and in a very nice, high-quality environment.  But Montessori children get that little extra something that makes learning an exciting journey instead of mere drudgery.

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  • Trish Olsen

    It’s invaluable that your kids’ EARLY schooling provided a rich learning environment, positive & motivating (Montessori classrooms are famous for that) — because most credible educational scientists support the notion that one’s early education sets the all-important “programming” which stays with a child (& adult) throughout life. If they dug “learning” very early on, it’s likely to STAY that way.
    Now that they’re in public school, however, as soon as you can, get them into the GATE program (offered in most bettter CA school systems, beginning with 4th grade.)The GATE program is not foolproof but overall, the curriculum, alone, bids well with kids who are bright & eager to sponge-up all kinds of information, process & synthesize it. Critical thinking skills are paramount. Creativity is also encouraged but always within the perimeters of being responsible. Additionally, most kids, progressing from the GATE program into Jr. Jigh, are automatically placed in accelerated classroms — which, later, translate into High School AP & Honors courses. It’s so important to keep these kids as far away from the dreaded B-word, as possible (boredom!)
    If your children have schooling-time between leaving Montessori & entering the GATE program, well — prepare yourself to get to know your child’s teacher & principal, well! I’ll keep my fingers crossed & hope you luck-out with at least one of your kids landing a really GREAT regular-classrom teacher; they DO exist! but they’re far & few between…
    I feel for you, Bookworm — & am soooo glad all this school concern stuff is now ancient history, for me.

  • Trish

    I wouldn’t send my son to a public school if I were flayed for keeping him out.