How to wash your fruits and vegetables

Here are some practical instructions for washing your fruits and vegetables. The link also includes some great commentary from a Jewish mother. At least, I assume she’s Jewish based on the tone. She could equally well be an all American Italian mother, or a Hispanic mother, but I’m quite sure she’s not a WASP mother. The tone is all wrong for the latter.

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  • Zabrina

    Well, thanks for this! I never dreamed of washing bananas. The rest my mom already taught me. Such is progress!

  • erp

    We had neighbors who washed all their fresh fruit and vegetables in the dishwasher. I don’t remember if any detergent was involved, but while it doesn’t hurt to follow the advice in the article, I can’t help remembering what my first pediatrician told me after I complained how hard it was when we ran out of baby bottles one night to listen to the baby cry until the sterilizer completed the cycle.

    He laughed and said the general rules are for those who can’t be trusted to use their heads. He said if you rinse and wash to bottles with soap and hot water, they are plenty clean and an occasional sterilizing is all that’s needed.

    Rinsing off fruit and vegetables under running water should be enough to keep them edible.

  • Ymarsakar

    I wash bananas, but it is just to get the starchy stuff after I peal off the skin. There are those strips that make it taste really bitter that I remove.

  • judyrose

    Her name is Melody Joy Kramer. No chance she’s Italian or Hispanic. And she says, “Who knew?” Case closed.

    In a post a few days ago (weeks ago?) you talked about the Jewish pastime of guessing who’s Jewish? I had to laugh at that. When they’re rolling the credits on a movie or TV show, if we see a name like Joshua Rosenberg, for example, my husband invariably asks me, “So what do you think?” It’s part of our shtick.