Have some fun with words; maybe help win an election

Mike, at Mike’s America, has started a slogan contest for the upcoming elections. Check out what he’s posted, and start adding some comments of your own. As everyone knows, I’m no good at pithy, but I’d love to see what others come up with. This is especially true because I’ve often thought that, at least in my neck of the woods (ultra-liberal), the Democrats have excellent bumperstickers. I may not agree with their ideas, but I like how clever their slogans are.

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  • Danny Lemieux


  • http://writingenglish.wordpress.com/ judyrose

    Borrowing from Danny’s effort, and playing on the old gasoline commercial: PUT A DONKEY IN YOUR TANK!

    (That’s the kind of military we’re going to have if…)

  • http://mikesamerica.blogspot.com Mike’s America

    Thanks for the link Book. We’re sure to get a lot of good ideas. My favorite from 2004 was “I voted for John Kerry…Before I voted against him.”

    I also put up a bunch of fun little instant graphics tools for people to play with. You can make your own sign for a Chinese restaurant or cards for the Monopoly Game Community Chest.