Mark Steyn puts Gitmo and Leahy’s rants in perspective

Mark Steyn just got back from a Gitmo visit.  In his most recent column, he describes what he saw there (better living than my “neighbors” in San Quentin, that’s for sure), and contrasts it with Leahy’s unhinged rant over trials for military terrorists:

[I]t surely requires a perverse genius to have made the first terrorist detention camp to offer homemade Ramadan pastries a byword for horror and brutality. If I had to summon up Gitmo in a single image, it would be the brand-new Qurans in each unoccupied cell. To reassure incoming inmates that the filthy infidels haven’t touched the sacred book with their unclean hands, the Qurans are hung from the walls in pristine surgical masks. It’s one thing for Muslims to regard infidels as unclean, but it’s hard to see why it’s in the interests of the United States government to string along with it and thereby validate their bigotry.

When I put this point to Adm. Harris, he replied, “That’s an interesting question,” and said the decision had been made long before he arrived. He explained that they had a good working system whereby whenever it became necessary to handle a Quran — because a weapon or illicit communication had been concealed in it — a Muslim translator would be called to the cell to perform the task. But I wasn’t thinking of it in operational so much as psychological terms: What does that degree of abasement before their prejudices tell them about us? Mulling it over since I got back, I’d go further: It seems to me that one sign this war is over is when Muslims are grown-up enough not to go to full-blown baklava nuts over other folks touching their Qurans.

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    We must have the moral high ground, at whatever cost. With it, we will become invincible. Ultimate victory will be ours then. [see end for real deal]

    Sometimes the world reminds me of villain monologues where they keep lecturing you about how right they are and how weak you are compared to them.

    Hollywood almost never gives a convincing Good vs Evil Villain monologue. The excuses for the Good are always “you are wrong”. But why is evil wrong? Is evil wrong because evil is stronger? Is evil wrong because good is better by treating evil compassionately? Evil is wrong and good is right, because Good gives Muslims 3 halal meals? Or is it like Spaceballs said, evil will always be stronger than the good?

    If you haven’t seen true evil, you may be inclined to believe that a holy symbol and some guy bringing up the cross, will stop it. You may be inclined, in the absence of a true gander at the soul of evil, to believe that the “moral high ground” will give you safety from the demons of death and despair.

    But for those who have glimpsed true evil, without its mask on, whether during WWII, other wars, this war, or how people treat Americans and those weaker than they in the world (Aruba time, baby), knows better than to believe some holy water and a cross will dispel evil with our glorious aura of “righteous standing” or whatever.

    The only thing evil fears is power and certain annihilation. They don’t fear the “good”, they don’t fear “compassion”, and they sure as heck won’t be “turned” by “mercy” and “understanding”.

    Oh, but they say, if you become like evil, evil wins. Evil is weak. You haven’t seen evil yet, if you believe it to be inherently strong. Evil is on the side of entropy, entropy if you hadn’t guessed, is chaos. It destroys, and it does not matter what or whom it destroys, not even if it destroys itself. Destruction is its goal and if anyone, even itself, gets in its way, it will destroy the obstacle with no regrets. Those with good hearts and strong minds, can use the tools of evil without becoming evil, just as Creation destroys to Create, not to destroy for all time. Entropy cannot become strong because it cannot build. People who are on the side of Creation, must have the strength to face evil and destruction if they are to remain in existence. Their strength and their faith stands as shields to their soul. If Good is really strong, if Good is really worth it, then Good must be more powerful in absolute terms. Why would anyone choose some feckless and weak “Good” over a mighty and strong Evil side anyways? Strong horse time. We’re talking about humans here, the knowledge of good and evil by humans and for humans. Not horsies and rocks. If you want Good to win then you better start attracting some followers and allies.

    At the end, if I am to face the forces of evil to a fight to the death, I’m not bringing no angel of “compassion”, or “love” or whatever. I want the Angel of Death, I want the Angel of Vengeance on my side. Bolstered by US Marine shock troops at the vanguard. Devil Dogs to the core.

    Good is worthless if it is not powerful and victorious. Worthless.

    The leaders of America in their infinite wisdom, seem to believe that so long as they act with Goodly intention, that evil must surely be vanguished by the Heavenly Might of the US military.

    Give me a break. These people have not seen the true face of anything, let alone the enemy of the Good. Even McCain, who has seen evil up close and personal, does not believe in America enough to trust America to fight evil hands on, face to face, with no Heavenly Aura of Righteousness.

    We must have our Heavenly Aura of Righteoussness, otherwise we would be “mere mortals”, the Senators think. Total bullcrack. The fact that the US Senators will not fight evil from a position of WEAKNESS, sends a good message to me that says that the US Senators are weak, atrophied by the chaotic entropy of evil and destruction. They have already been defeaten, they just don’t know it yet as they spout off about how GitMo is leading to America’s defeat. Do they not realize that they have already lost? When Good fears to fight Evil, when Evil has an advantage, don’t even try to tell me Good is winning.

    When civilians like M is the one thinking on a psychological basis, instead of the base commander or President, we have problems Houston.

    We really need the moral high ground, however, to win without losing our soul. What is the point of fighting evil if you lose your soul but save the souls of innocents? Isn’t the Good supposed to be about what is good for you personally, and not anyone else? How could you benefit by fighting evil, if you lose your soul while saving others? We must have the moral high ground, for everyone’s sake.

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    Found this at insta, a less serious consideration of the facts of feeding GitMo prisoners.

    Only in America would you find authorities trying to cope with terrorist detainees by over-feeding them. We of the media were served the same halal meal as that offered to the detainees, which meant a lunch including — this is only a partial list — spiced meat patty, egg salad, tuna, yogurt, fresh dates, freshly baked bread, juice, and a down-home Middle Eastern dessert, which left us licking from our fingers the honey and nuts of the same baklava we were told is served to Hambali, Abu Zubaydah, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the rest of the gang. Of course, this being Ramadan, the detainees have the option of dining on a different schedule, fasting by day and tucking into the baklava at night. All told, they are offered a menu that provides 4,200 calories per day — more than the 3,800 allotted for a U.S. combat soldier in Iraq.

    Angels of Mercy anyone? Or the Demons of Gluttony?

    weighs 410 pounds, though we did not get to see him (it is against the Geneva Conventions to put prisoners on display, so our military follows the same rule for the Gitmo detainees).

    Cool, when do the Angels at the Geneva Conventions start fighting for the path of Righteousness? Obviously they would have the moral high ground given their elevated status above mortals, so I think we should try and get them working for us, you know.

    There’s something very disturbing about coddling terrorists, but in some ways this helps cut them down to size: Yep, it’s Al Qaeda… with a weight problem.

    So the strategy is to fight evil by giving evil, more evil vices like gluttony? Sure, it makes some sense. But about as much sense as Good fighting evil without using destruction.

    Not going to work. ‘Weight problems’ don’t stop holy warriors and it doesn’t stop people who want to get into the US Marines. Western decadence isn’t something you want to “use”, you know, not unless you want to submit to the charge that you are using evil to fight evil. Decadence is evil in a way, at the least it is destructive and entropic.

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