• jg

    Where would America be, what would it be like, without TV?

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    That’s like asking how the world would be without the internet. Path not taken, can’t be analyzed therefore.

  • jg

    Y, I think we must. That’s part of what art, in particular literary fiction, is all about. Seeing where we’re going (the future) by looking at how we got here to the present (the paths taken and not). I think you might spend decades examining all the varied paths of our American ancestors.
    (My present reading finds a 18c. Mass. historian –anti Federalist– horrified at the imperialism of westward expansion. The Appalachians, she expostulated, must be the final border of the new republic!)

    American history is no straight road thankfully.

    TV has loosed a lot of demons in present day America. Bookworm examines one recurrent devil in this series of posts: religious bigotry.

    So many of the problems we cannot solve in America arise from our choice of TV as the major medium of understanding. It’s not made to be a democratic instrument.

    But you are on the right path in seeing the promise the NET offers.