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    Somebody set us up with the bomb. Think it was Clinton.

    A 1 kiloton nuke is probably what Bush was refering to when speaking about “tactical nukes”. Blow up a small part of the city with little radiation. Coolies.

    I’m still feeling green around the gills and emotionally horrible from reading it. This is a truly terrible society.

    You’ll feel much better after listening to some calming music and drinking something.

    The world is a cruel place. But not even cruelty is able to withstand the devastating might and ruthlessness of the United States military arm. Release the seals on America’s power, and your enemies shall disappear as if upon a fine misty morning. Atomized into the darkest reaches of existence, where they belong.

    If anyone cares, the nuclear crisis would be a door into addressing the human rights crisis in NoKo. But China, which has veto authority at the UN, won’t even let UN human rights workers visit its border with NoKo, so expect nothing but more suffering at the hands of Li’l Kim and the apparently endless supply of Juche-bots he has under his dominion.

    This is why classical liberals cannot tolerate isolationism. The very idea of having the power to effect great change amongst such tortured souls, and not using it in fear of the consequences is… anathema to the liberal soul. The soul cries out for vengeance and punishment, but unlike the North Koreans, we actually have the power to do something long lasting. Yet the limitations on the United States military, nuclear arsenal, and propaganda/psychological/assassination apparatuses are kept tight and unbreakable by both the US leadership and the US’s enemies.

    Bush has 2 years. If he does nothing, he will have done what Cinton and his father did. Just kicked the can down the road. Bush has the power now, he has the political capital and the loyalty of the military now, to do what what another future President might be prevented from doing. If Bush makes a mistake, then we can blame him, he can take one for the team, allowing the President to come after him, a freer reign than that was given to him by Clinton and his father.

    I cannot say that I get stick to the stomach as you do Bookworm. Perhaps I’ve read too much, seen too much, heard too much, and have developed too many psychological barriers. Or maybe it is just that things like this piss me off, and make me want to attack the object of my anger.

    It sucks to be Rome, but it sucks more to be in some other parts of the world other than the US.

    Citing new inspections by the Chinese of trucks bound for North Korea, the Bush administration said earlier Monday that it expected Beijing would do its part in enforcing a U.N. resolution punishing its reclusive ally for its nuclear program.

    I think Bush is about to understand that China is going to be like France, and it will probably hand Bush a new one after all is said and done.

    He said there will be “enormous pressure on China to live up to their responsibility” in enforcing
    United Nations punishment of its ally, North Korea. “We are all banking on that.”

    he who banks on the honor of people he doesn’t know, is going to be a pauper soon.

    “The parties have committed to fulfilling its conditions,” Snow said. “Let’s see what happens, all right?”

    Ja, maybe in like 5 years they will get something on paper to be forwarded as a proposal.

    “I understand that people are concerned about how it might work so it doesn’t enhance tensions in the region, and we’re perfectly willing to have those conversations,” she said.

    Bush you don’t pay Condi Rice enough to “talk” that much.

    The U.S.-sponsored resolution demands North Korea eliminate nuclear weapons but rules out military action against the country, as the Russians and Chinese demanded.

    Laughing all the way to the bank, I see. China gets what they want immediately, while everyone depends upon China to give them back their investment. Nice con operation.

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    Here is something that might make you feel better. These pictures from All Things Picture, of recent posting, will give your mind something else to see. Just scroll down and continue doing so and look at the pictures, if you are able to.


    You might also like this music video, Bookworm.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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    Gee, Ymarsakar, feel free to post comments about my posts at my blog any time you want!

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    After spending 8 years as a Korean linguist, I’ve heard, seen, and learned far more about that country and Kim Chong Il than I care to. Cruel and devious seems to only skim the surface of the situation.

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    I’m limited in how many blogs I may comment on in a row.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Can we organize a student exchange program whereby we send our Democrat-Left to study in NoKo’s utopia in exchange for bringing some of their kids here? I believe that it would be a win-win-win all around.