A window into how conspiracy theorists think

Jon Sanders, who is working to challenge the 9/11 Truthers, wrote an article about how that same crew is trying to build a conspiracy theory about Cory Lidle’s plane crash.  It’s a fascinating deconstruction of conspiracy mythmaking in action.  I particularly appreciated this lucid paragraph about the impossibility of bringing facts to bear when talking to people in a conspiracy mindset:

Breaking through the conspiracymonger’s mindset is a nearly impossible job, because a Grand Conspiracy theory almost always insulates itself from any self-test or falsifiability. When all events are assumed to be orchestrated, then each single event counter to the theory is invariably assumed to be hoaxed to put the diligent “truth-seeker” off the scent.

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    X-Files. The best thing the Fox corporation ever produced, as a guide to conspiracy dudes.