What international pressure?

In at least 10% of the old Loony Toons cartoons, one of the characters will say to another, “Oh, you naughty, naughty boy.”  As far as I can tell, that’s pretty much been the appeasers’ approach to Iran, with the UN, at Europe’s behest, periodically writing “this time we’re really mad” letters.  Nevertheless, our friends at the BBC would like us to know that we were too mean.  In response to this fearsome pressure, Iran is (gasp!) going forward with its nuclear program:

Iran has reportedly taken another step in its uranium enrichment programme, in defiance of international pressure.

After that opening, I’m barely interested in the rest of the article, which is mostly about the “do they/don’t they” debate raging over whether they have enough stuff actually to build a bomb.  It was enough for me to know that, in BBC land, telling someone not to do something is more than enough explanation for the fact that they went and ahead and did precisely that.  Clearly, the wise minds at the BBC think Iran is nothing more than a rambunctious toddler in the “no” phase, which it will surely outgrow.  We just need to distract it (that’s what all the books say to do about that oppositional toddler in your life).  Maybe it’s time to send the mullahs some skis, with the promise of lessons.  Life amongst the slopes’ glitterati might be just what we need to keep their minds off the bomb.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    I there is any principle that should guide our foreign policy, it is the following, which also guides my daily life: never try to help people who lack the will to help themselves. This applies equally to Palestinians as it does to Europeans.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    You know what I would see as international pressure?

    Day 1.

    Bush launches a 1 megaton nuclear missile on a trajectory to Tehran, which detonates within the border of Iraq, at a high altitude, producing flash bindness to those near the Iran-Iraq border. Position is chosen for its depopulated qualities.

    Day 1. Iran complains, threatens to launch attacks in Iraq, threatens to declare war, threatens attacks on Americans.

    Message from Bush.

    “We are testing how fast we may launch a retaliation strike against Iran should they launch a nuclear strike against our allies or our homeland”

    Day 2. Orders are cut to construct refugee camps on the Iran-Iraq border, completed within 24 hours. Once completed, messages are sent to the border towns in Iran, to evacuate and head towards the refugee camps, or the big bright light in the sky will be coming towards them next.

    Day 4. International outrage and motions to censure America, invade America, launch attacks on America, cut funding to America, deny American passport entry, as well as boycotting American goods. China and Russia stay silent.

    Day 5. Nuclear missile launched into Iran, detonating at a high altitude within the borders of Iran, but only a few miles deep into it. Border villages are irradiated, few casualties because of the evacuation.

    Message from Bush.

    “In light of Iranian threats to declare war and Iranian military mobilization, I have no choice but to ask Congress and the American people to declare war on Iran. When that happens, I will activate the War Powers Act. Iran may avoid this eventuality, should they disarm and destroy their nuclear arms capability beyond any doubt.”

    Day 6.

    China and Russia complains strenously, based upon their economic interests with Iran. American response, “get your buddies in Iran in line or we will do it for you”, end of line.

    Day 7. Interviews are conducted with the refugees from the Iranian border towns. Explicit accounts of having seen the nuclear detonation, of flash blindness, and of tv stations setup in refugee camps in order to broadcast satellite images of the detonations, are spread through the media.

    Day 8. Military drawdown in Iraq.

    Message from Bush. “I cannot say for certain what adverse effects may impact our soldiers, so to avoid any possibility of the Gulf War syndrome, I am reducing American troop levels in Iraq and removing American troops from the Iraq-Iran border”

    That, in my view, is international pressure.