More evidence supporting my theory

By the way, if you doubt my hierarchical morality thesis, just read what Seymour Hersh has to say. I am not imagining things. To the hardcore Leftist, with a trickle down effect to the soft Leftists, victory belongs, not to those who are just and right, but to those who are in the one-down position, no matter their beliefs.

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  • Ymarsakar

    What happened to your title?

    I don’t doubt your thesis, but there is something I’m still wondering as to what your perspective is on it. How would the Left’s treatment of Iraqi children and ME women fall under this thesis?

  • helenl

    BW, although I hate labels, I guess I think of myself as what you call “soft left.” Okay, so here’s what I’d say (speaking for no one other than myself). I believe that “unmerited suffering is redemptive” (in the tradition of MLK), that those who are “right and just” but poor and mistreated will overcome, that God is, indeed, on their side. But what I believe about those in the “one-down position” is that they must (have a right to) be heard so that we know what they actually believe and want, not what “hard Leftists” or those on the right or anyone else thinks they believe and want. I think we have too many people speaking for others. And by this, I don’t mean elected officials, I mean those of us — the little ones as well as the big ones — who analyze people’s positions for them and put words in their mouths. Sometimes, in our pursuit of knowledge for ourselves, which is what I think we are doing by blogging, we cheat the poor, both the “just and right” and the others because we are talking (or surfing the net to find support for our statements) when we should be listening. All American minorities have right to be heard.

  • Ymarsakar

    It isn’t logic that connects the world, it is the voices in people’s heads.