Everything old is new again — a dreadful thought

As part of my random, brief blogging for the evening, let me commend to your attention VictorDavis Hanson’s article reminding us (a) that Extremist Islam is making modern the worst barbarisms of the past and (b) that the Enlightenment is a fragile concept that can easily be overwhelmed through apathy and fear.

Also, a friend urged me to link to a 12 minute video previewing Obsession : Radical Islam’s War Against the West. My friend was right. It’s chilling and well worth watching, and I’ve finally got a link. This video and Hanson’s article together create a scary reminder of the precipice on which the West now stands, and the energy with which the forces of darkness are pushing against us.

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    There is one sure fire way to illuminate the darkness.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    After watching the video, I agree, it is a very nice companion to VDH’s piece. VDH always has something good you could read.

    • First, the Western liberal tradition is fragile and can still disappear. Just because we have sophisticated cell phones, CAT scanners and jets does not ensure we are permanently civilized or safe. Technology used by the civilized for positive purposes can easily be manipulated by barbarians for destruction.

    On a philosophical principle, it is a lot easier to destroy than create. That is why all civilizations need barbarians to protect itself. All civilizations, even Rome, needed Praetorian Guards and professional Legions in order to KILL the barbarians, using the barbarian’s own tactics against them. Except with the logistics provided by an entire civilization, you can use more than berzerker barbarian tactics to win.

    Sorry, I just had to write Praetorian Guards, even if they were just useless palace troops.

    Whenever I see a bunch of guys raising their fists up in some kind of “Death to America chant”, I don’t get scared. I just start thinking about what it would look like if Bush sent a Predator UAV and fired a Hellfire missile into that crowd. That would be a juicy video to watch.

    I mean, sure, they talk about America the Empire and whatever. But it is a fake threat. Now ask yourself this, what if we made the threat, not fake. The Japanese propaganda were always talking about the devil Westerners, too gutless and too afraid to take casualties, and what not. Talking about how the US were murdering and rapine bas turds that all loyal Japanese should slit their own throats before surrendering to. I don’t know about you, but I find that I have more respect for the willpower that was behind the japanese bushido code than the Islamic Jihad. Sure, the Islamic Jihad will kill you and blow you up along with themselves. But only the Japanese would committ suicide, throw their children onto the rocky shoals of an island and then follow also to their deaths down bellow, because their duty told them to do so. Or maybe they were just afraid of what we would do to them, shrugs. So how did we prove the japanese wrong. How did we manifest the “threat” they warned about? By becoming that which they accused us of? No. By becoming something worse. An enemy that was better than them in all fields and endeavours. There is no worse enemy than the enemy that knows you so well that he presents no field of weakness to you.

    You demonstrate why the other side is weaker and less worthy of victory, by demonstrating that you yourself have the willpower and the willinginess, the eagerness, to inflict massive destruction on their homes and property. Sherman did it, Truman did it, and I’m pretty sure other American generals did it to great effect. People don’t care about how you won the war, but they will criticize you endlessly, unto the END OF TIME, if you lose one. War is a human matter, fought amongst humans. If you can make your opponents believe that you are the stronger, what more do you need to win?

    So when the Islamic Jihad talks about America the Empire and America the “we are controlling everybody”. Just make it into a reality. Then allow reality to decide who is more worthy, who is stronger, who is better. Reality always decides in favor of the strong, you know. If America is truly strong, truly deserving of the title “superpower” supreme amongst nations, then we would win in a fair fight. A fair fight is not when you obey rules that your opponent does not obey.

    Do the Islamic jihad really believe America is the enemy of humanity? If we killed 50% of their public speakers every time they appeared on television, would they have the courage and the strength from Allah, to continue on? It is a test. Just how strong are your convictions. France’s convictions are not very strong, reality has already laid the judgement down there. But not for America, and for the Jihad. And so the war continues on.

    Fake convictions and fake religious, tend to go bust when the going gets tough. I believe we have seen little more than 10% of America’s maximum core potential strength utilized. The Islamic Jihad don’t want to fight the US in a war to the knife. People talk about China and their bad assedness, but they have not seen anything compared to American true believers. The Chinese are atheists, Americans are not. That matters. Whether you believe in the Constitution or the Christian God, or whatever, this belief gives you strength, strength of faith, of will, and of spirit. Those without such faith are not as strong in warfare. The Islamic Jihad believes they have a monopoly on fanaticism and true belief, on God and fervent belief. If people seem to think China is formidable with only 1 trillion PPP and an atheistic tradition, wait until they see America on the war path.

    They think Iraq and Afghanistan is America on the war path? Naw, that is called police keeping and peace keeping. You got to hand it to the Japanese, they knew what they were doing. The architect of the Pearl Harbor attack knew that you had to knock America out of the fight early on. Because if you don’t….

    On a military basis, children are not good fighters in a war. They don’t have the mental fortitude to withstand combat. So we have a choice. Either we can fight mobs of children on the streets, or we can execute all the islamic terroists we capture or see on tv or know are in mosques.

    The JAG Lawyers in the military try to marshall the legalities in such a way as to prevent the military from being in violation of laws. But if the President cuts the order, and writes 50,000 pardons for the military, the President has the Executive Power to execute almost any policy in the short term. And the President has used little more than, what, 10 to 20% of his inherent Constitutional powers?

    Look, propaganda is useful. But when reality hits the det cord, propaganda no longer matters. If you can’t defeat propaganda, just ignite the det cord. Ignite it, start the ball rolling. Stop talking, and do something. Propaganda relies upon talk, talk, image, talk, lies, and more talk. Cutting off someone’s head stops their talk in midstride, game over, check mate, we win.

    The Middle East has Allah’s religion. We have nuclear submarines and ancestral worship. I prefer our weapons.