More on the myth about our army

Maybe there’s a reason our troops voted overwhelmingly for Bush. Could it be because they knew that Kerry thinks of them as stupid, uneducated yokels?

In any event, this is just more proof of my theory about the hierarchical morality that colors the Democratic/Leftist view of the conflict right now: that is, the Left believes that stupid American kids are being used as pawns in the vast military complex that is imposing American imperialism against innocent Islamic soldiers/countries that are even more poor, stupid and uneducated than the American soldier. (So, using my algorithm, you can tell which side deserves to lose. Hint: it isn’t the Islamists.)

Hat tip: Drudge

UPDATE: One of Michelle Malkin’s readers found statistics about the American military, which support my earlier argument that, contrary to the stereotypes on the Left, our troops are quality human beings who join the military, not because they’re too dumb to know better, but for a complex mix of economic, patriotic, family and social reasons.

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  • Marguerite

    Just as Kerry’s cheap swipe at Vice Pres. Cheny’s daughter just before the presidential election of ’04 brought shock and awe to the left AND right, may this latest desecration of and swipe at our brave soldiers bring political disaster to Kerry and to the leftists who support his disgusting drivel. Is there no bounds to the arrogance and condescension of this man?

  • JJ

    How can you not love this guy?

    Here we are, getting down to it in this election, and what’s been going on? The professional-grade obnoxoids, like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Patrick Leahy, Rangel, Conyers, et al have all gotten the memo – “we’re in the last week, the points are all made, you’re obnoxious: now shut up until after election day. Open your mouth at this point you’ll only do us harm, so don’t.”

    Obviously the memo’s gone out – has anyone seen or heard from Pelosi, Reid, Conyers or any of that gang in the last week? No – they’re gone; off the radar. Blessedly quiet. Omerta.

    But there’s always one. As Rush Limbaugh says: “here comes Lurch, he didn’t get the memo, and steps in it again! Totally blows it with this stupid, irrational-but-typical- for-him comment.”

    He’s a wonder, our boy Kerry. Think how we’d miss him if he left public life; think how many laughs he provides in the course of an average week. How can you not love him?

    Kerry will always be there to remind us that this is who the democrats are.

  • JJ

    Just heard his press conference – at this moment Pelosi and Reid are putting out a contract on him.

  • zhombre

    I thought Kerry was a pompous ass before — the modern dress version of the braggart soldier from Roman comedy, Milos Gloriosus — now he’s playing the part to even greater perfection. Even if one accepts this now infamous remark was a botched joke, a gratuitous jibe at President Bush that came off as a slur on the American military, the pomposity, defensiveness and truculence on display in this press conference is nothing but salt on the wound. Does anything even vaguely related to humility rattle around in that well coiffed head of his? Pelosi & Reid don’t need to put out a contract. There may be a number of disgruntled Democrats in tight races that will do the job gratis.

  • Earl

    Count your blessings, folks — we’ll have Kerry around to cringe at for as long as he is willing to run……..

    How do I know? Because he’s the senator from Kennechusetts, and those idiots know how to keep pompous bloviating asses in office for the long term!

  • Zhombre

    But they elected Mitt Romney governor, and he seems the antithesis of Kennedy & Kerry. Of course, the governor is term limited in Massachusetts, no?

  • Lulu

    How is it that these class conscious types, like Kerry, are supposedly down with the people? These words from the man who would have been commander in chief- utter contempt for those who serve in the military, make me relieved all over again that Kerry was defeated.

  • ravana

    That comment has been taken completely out of context, and is being bandied around as an anti-military statement, when actually it referred not to the soldiers in Iraq, but to the idiocy of Bush’s foreign policy. This is pure propaganda, Bookworm.

  • JJ

    Sorry ravana – THAT’S the propaganda. That’s going to be the “official version.”

    Hard to take it out of context when it’s a tape.

  • Ymarsakar

    Mass. chooses Democrats for Senators because they bring in the pork, so they don’t really care about how corrupt the Democrats are. But for governor, where they actually have to you know, deal with their policies, they vote in a competent Republican. Mass. doesn’t really care what Kerry or Kennedy or whomever does in the Senate, cause it is America’s problem and the rest of the Union’s problem to deal with. So long as Kerry and etc are out in Washington, Mass Does. Not. Care.

    I know, cause there are some Republicans I know in Mass.

  • Ymarsakar

    Ravana, don’t you think you should be spending your energies defending a politician that actually deserves it, like Lieberman? Kerry is a losing boat, anyone on his boat gets thrown over because it is all about Kerry, 24/7.