Sometimes death is a blessing

Read this story about child abuse only if you have a very, very strong tolerance for the worst kind of sadism visited on the most innocent of victims. I point it out only because the child’s abuser (his mother) was in her mid teens when she had him, has another child, and there is no father in the picture. Aside from the fact that the mother appears to be either completely insane or irredeemably evil, she must also have been under tremendous pressure — pressure that might have been avoided if she hadn’t been a child, alone, having children.

R.I.P., Raijon Daniels, 8

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  • Ymarsakar

    The human condition never changes, it seems.

    People have been slaughtering and inflicting cruelties on those weaker than they, in order to relieve their own personal demons, since the beginning of humanity.

    The 21st century is only one segment of a long, long, list of events.

  • Carol

    Several years ago, a friend told me about a little girl she knew. The little girl was being way too affectionate with anyone and everyone. I told her this was an indicator of possible sexual abuse and she should call Child Protective Services. She didn’t want to get involved so God alone knows what kind of hell that little girl might still be going through.

    The point of this is: where in hell were the neighbors? Did no one hear this boy’s screams? Did no one even notice that they never saw the child? Obviously, the child welfare system isn’t perfect, or they would have searched more after the first accusation of abuse, but didn’t anyone do anything. Yes, it happens that sometimes the child welfare system over-reacts but wouldn’t that be better than letting this kind of thing happen. It goes on all the damn time; I know: I vounteer at a home for kids who are suffering the after-effects of this kind of horror, and we never have enough beds or enough money. It goes on all the damn time.

  • Ymarsakar

    If you think it is bad in America, you should try the MIddle East and Africa. Not even the government can empower those without power. It’s a long road out of barbarianism, but the benefits slowly accrue over time.

    The government will never be the answer. Simply because if the problem is humans being evil and abusing the powerless, then the government, being composed of humans, will simply consolidate this abuse and redistribute it in one way or another. If we rely upon government agencies and social networks to change human behavior, who is going to change the government’s behavior when they go bad? Checks and balances, better than a temporary solution. People figured out that you just can’t change human nature, and you also can’t replace one human problem with another human, who just comes up with a new problem.

    So when they were cooking up the three branches of government, in how to derive a government for the people, that was more just on average than not, they somehow figured out that if you can’t cancel out human nature. You could use human nature itself, to sort of balance out the stresses.

    There has got to be some reward or punishment that you can inflict on people, to change their behavior towards children. But it isn’t clear what that trigger is or should be.