Vote, vote, vote, vote (Republican, of course)

If you’re planning on sitting this one out, please read Selwyn Duke’s article before you do:

So many wrong things feel so right. “You know, I really told my brother-in-law off the other day and, boy, did it feel good.” Of course, what has changed? Your brother-in-law is still the pain he always was. One change, though, is that now your family politics has descended into the abyss.

This occurs to me when I hear my political soulmates talk of sitting on their hands this election cycle. I hear pundits and plebeians both make pronouncements about how we have to “clean house” and teach the straying Republican Party a lesson. “Why, we’ll show ‘em! Take us for granted, will you!”

Now, perhaps my grasp of the principles of hygiene is flawed, but my understanding is that you can’t clean a house by replacing the dust with toxic waste. So, let’s see if we can learn a lesson here today.

I’m as disappointed in the liberal tendencies of the neo-con lot as you are. Personally, I’d like to be crowned as king and have the Weimar Republicans perform menial labor around the palace. And maybe Lindsey Graham could be my court jester. But you know what is even more amusing about this fantasy than the scenario itself? It’s just slightly more fanciful than the notion that replacing neo-cons with neo-communists will, in a political galaxy not so far, far away, yield better government.

The rest is here.

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  • Earl

    Well….gotta love early voting. I’m done.

    Since there weren’t any libertarians on the ballot, I split my ticket – voting for the re-election of Bredesen, who by all accounts has been a real good governor, and then for the Repubs to go to D.C. to support the President in the GWOT.

    Let’s fight those guys in someone else’s backyard, thank you very much!