Who are the blog visitors?

One of the nice things about having a bit more traffic is that people sometimes find me to deliver interesting information.  I got an email today from someone who owns (manages?) a search engine called Compete.com, which also runs a blog about blog usage.  As far as I can tell, their blog culls computer generated information to help gain information about bloggers, and then uses that information to figure out who bloggers are and what they’ll do.  Today, they have a post about voting information they’ve gleaned from frequent visitors to two conservative and two liberal websites.  So far, their results are predictable (as they themselves admit), but it’s a site that deserves watching, since its growing database will be capable of providing more and more information about bloggers and what they mean to the political process.

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  • dagon

    hey book,

    looks like dems got the house with speaker pelosi.

    the senate looks out of reach potentially but the dems (who have already picked up 3 out of 6) might get four.

    your thoughts?


  • kevin

    I still think a Speaker Pelosi will provide the necessary impetus to insure a Republican President in 2008; those older (and liberal) Justices on the SC have to leave office eventually and I want a Republican President appointing their successors.

  • http://ymarsakar.blogspot.com/ Ymarsakar

    Don’t worry Bookworm, we still have Sala’s gambit up our sleeves.

  • http://compete.com TJ Mahony

    Actually, Compete orgainizes and reports on the web pages people visit – blogs included. The Compete Blog highlights visitor trends that are indicative of rising/declining popularity. The recent posts you picked up on where visitor populations we picked up at major political blogs.

    Thanks for picking us up… We just won the MITX Award for best community blog!