London’s changing face

My husband and I started watching Prime Suspect when it first appeared on American television and liked it enough to keep watching it every time episodes showed up.  It’s a very gritty crime drama (the producers love showing partially decomposed women’s corpses) that follows the unlovable but effective DCI Jane Tennison.  The first episode, back in 1992, focused on her problems with sexism in the Metropolitan Police Department (London).  One later episode that I remember focused on black/white racism (and was made, I think, not long after the 1995 Brixton race riots).  The current cycle, which is on TV right now, so far has substance abuse and father-daughter relationships as its emotional fulcrums.

The show is grimmer than I remember, although it’s always been shot using a slightly darker palette and with a focus on London’s ugly side.  All cities, of course, have ugly sides, but I have to say that the show is almost impressive in its ability to make London look Dante-esque.  What’s struck me particularly about this episode (and I think I would have noticed it in past ones if it had been so obvious) is that this episode shows Londoners as being primarily people of color.  In every shot, more than half the faces outside of the squad room are not white.  I’m too lazy to check out racial statistics for London, so I have no idea whether this reflects real London, poor London, or TV London.  Nevertheless, the racial shift is striking when seen in a show about the place that once used to be the white Anglo capital of the English-speaking world.

Another thing that hit hard about the show was a scene that apparently did nothing to advance the plot (although the next two episodes may reverse that impression).   In it, the parents of a missing girl are waiting in anguish at the police department.  The mother finds herself sitting next to a burly black man, who recognizes her as the parent of that missing girl.  He gives her an inspirational speech about faith and hope, and she turns to him for comfort.  He announces that he will prayer with her, and then launches into a prayer to Allah.  Yup, the good, inspirational guy is a Muslim — not that there’s anything wrong with that.  My hope for the future lies in the hands of good, inspirational Muslims who see theirs as a religion of love, morality and shared humanity.  Nevertheless, in the context of this hard-hitting show, that moment was anomalous, and looked more like pandering than plot device.

Coincidentally, one day after watching this Prime Suspect episode, I got an email from JL (you know who you are), putting me on to a British blog called Reconquista.  One of Reconquista’s bloggers is a numbers guy, and he got very, very curious about (a) the increase in crime during Ramadan and (b) endless reports about Muslim men sexually attacking Muslim and non-Muslim women alike.  Using London, which has an ever-increasing Muslim population, for his numbers, he decided to see whether there was any correlation between Muslims and sex crimes.  His conclusion?

What I have is, if not actual proof, then a whole series of correlations. However, on the basis that if you can’t actually prove something fell out of the back end of a dog, but it looks like it did, smells like it did, feels like it did, and tastes like it did, then it might be best if you didn’t step in it, I’m going to publish what I found. You can make your own minds up. I’ve made mine up, and I wouldn’t want my daughter or nieces living near large numbers of Muslims. I think most reasonable, reasoning, people will agree after reading this.

There’s more, much more than this bottom line conclusion, and I’m not going to give it away by stealing Sir Henry’s thunder and revealing all the juicy parts here.  He’s a charming writer, and meticulous in showing how he arrived at his conclusion that a high Muslim population in a Western community is almost certainly an indicator that women are at greater risk of sexual assault.

I know this sounds silly but there is something almost Karmic in the fact that London, which once sought to impose its rule on as many people of color as it could, is now seeing that imperial worm turning.   Karmic yes, but it’s ironic that this slow motion uprising occur, not when England is at the height of her imperial glory, but long after she’s given up any imperial aspirations.

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  • JJ

    One thing I have never understood: why the hell any female on the planet with a claim to any brains at all would be Muslim.

    For every non-Muslim woman who gets beaten or raped, there are fifty – probably five hundred and fifty – Muslim women who do.

    What on earth does Islam offer women – beyond the opportunity to be degraded both severely, and on a daily basis?

    I have for some time been in hopes that the female portion of the Muslim world, which is after all larger than the male, would get fed up with this crap and bring it to an end. At this point, I guess it isn’t likely to.

  • Yorkshireminer

    Its not just london it is all of the western world. Denmark is approximately 4% Muslim but they account for 76% of all rapes. Things are that bad in Sweden that a couple of girls have started to manufacture a chastity belt which requires the attacker to use two hands to open it and therefore gives the female victim a chance of protecting herself. Not that it would make much difference, if she did protect herself as she would most likely be arrested and charged with abusing a poor defensless muslim. If you want something to really make your hair curl check out Fjordman her is the link

  • Ymarsakar

    If females want to protect themselves, they need the warrior philosophy, and maybe even the philosophy of the sword. Conditioned through mental and physical self-defense training via American programs. It ain’t like Europe has the iron will to be able to train civilians in the Iron Fist. Get here to America and train up, one on one, with Larkin or whoever you find most comfortable with. Then you can stay or go, your choice. Europe has visas to the US, make use of them, while they last, people.

    People have made fun of how I view violence. Probligo at Neo’s site. Neo-Neoconned. But they don’t matter to me. Why should they? The knowledge that I am learning how to defend myself and my loved ones, is far more important than what the Leftards think of me.

    Unleash the animalistic rage inside, for therein lies the true bezerker strength of the human race. There used to be bezerkers that could bezerk on demand. Dangerous opponents, because they could feel no pain. If the German tribes had the Roman military discipline and training, along with their nordic and pagan bezerker techniques, they would have been a force to be reckoned with.

    The ability to harness rage and disciplined training into one package, has many benefits. You don’t feel fear because anger displaces it. You don’t fear being hurt or damaged or killed, because rage has subsumed you, and therefore you may act without hesitation or weakness. Yet your discipline, your training, both mental and physical, prevents you from lashing out like some kid on steroids. It focuses your attacks, all of your increased strength upon a person’s windpipe. There is no defense in the world that will prevent asphyxiation once a full contact hit strikes the throat with a few thousand Newtons of force. Even a minor, minor hit will cause instinctual reflexes to activate. The throat is the most vital component of a person’s body, and the one that animals love to go for, therefore our instincts produce fear once the throat is damaged.

    Criminals prey on the weak and the forgetful. They tend to leave the vigilant alone. Criminals look at your body posture, your height, your musculature, whether you flinch from their stares, etc. They want easy prey. Women are some of the easiest prey, because not only are they physically less imposing than men on average, but that fewer women have the instincts to fight for dominance. So you are able to intimidate them, with a higher success ratio than men.

    When you look into the soul of a murderer and a killer, does he scare you? They scared me, I am not afraid to admit it. Terroists scared me with their fanatic determination to kill and to destroy. But unlike most people, I did not find excuses to project my fear unto others that did not deserve it. I simply tried to find a way to match the determination of a killer. For every torture that a terroist thought up, I challenged myself to think up of a worse torture that could be inflicted on the terroist, to make them squirm as they rejoice at Western retreat. For every execution the terroists broadcast on tv, I started thinking about more executions, crueler executions, that would raise our morale and kill theirs.

    I’m a big believer in offense. In a way, I have the terroists to thank for that. Because without 9/11, I probably would have become another Leftist stooge with an inferiority complex, blaming Bush for my helplessness and angst.

    Do not the terroists say that they are the way they are because of Israel/West/Great Satan? Well, I am the way I am, in large part due to terrorism and the cruelty of criminals I saw on tv and the news. They forced me to become what I am, the person that I am, because I would not give up my core beliefs in liberty, justice, and humanity for their sakes. In order to continue to believe in liberty and justice, I could not allow myself to admit that the Jihadi philosophy made them stronger. Should not the belief in liberty and justice make our warriors just as strong, just as ruthless, merciless, and fearsome? If it does not, then how can we claim with any intellectual honesty that We Have the Right philosophy?

    I never believed that the right and true philosophy meant sacrificing innocents and children to the knife of the raider and thug. I never will.

    Gloat all you want, but as world wide terrorism kills more men, women, and children, you will get more people like me onto the stage. The instinct to survive in the human race, is strong. While we may differ in our personalities, our methods, and belief in tactics, we do not differ on what we believe and what we are willing to do to defend those beliefs. The world has not seen the American Rage unleashed with fine tuned military precision. They had better hope, for their sakes, that they never will.

  • Lulu

    Women, get thee to a good self-defense class.

  • jg

    Bookworm, if you are looking for well conceived plots mixed with a look at the eccentricities of the English countryside, may I recommend ‘Midsommer Murders,’ shown most weekends on the Biography Channel. (DirectTV)

    It’s a chance to see mostly the upper and middle upper class through a jaundiced eye. Some of the violence can be a bit terrifying; but it is not promoted for its own sake.
    Better, for those who have wondered how those 300- and 500-year historic dwellings appear from the inside, it’s a chance to peer within fashionable, even great, homes. The show seems to take great interest in exploring authentic interiors. And the countryside is well presented.

    It is British. Last weekend featured a harridan determined to preserve her family inheritance at the cost of many murders. And the week before even found the vicar as culprit.