Problems with WordPress

This is a post just for WordPress users.  I’m having an irritating intermittent problem, which is that the comments people leave at my blog, which WordPress is supposed to email to me automatically, aren’t always showing up in my email.  Or, as happened yesterday, they show up a couple of weeks late.

Poor Jack, at ExPreacherman, has this problem as a permanent fixture.  He’s not getting any emails at all.  WordPress has assured him that the problem is with his email, despite the fact that he changed email addresses to test that hypothesis and ended up with the same outcome.  If you’ve been having this problem, please let WordPress know.  Then, the burden of proof will go off Jack’s shoulders, and WordPress can appropriately deal with a larger issue.

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  • judyrose

    I don’t usually get that many comments, but yesterday one of my posts was discovered and put on StumbleUpon. So I got thousands of hits and an increase in comments. I noticed two comments that showed up on the blog site didn’t have corresponding e-mails. It seems to be OK now. Everything is matching up.

  • webloggin

    Hi BookWorm,

    Problems on your side of the world wouldn’t explain e-mails showing up weeks late unless you had a spam filter in your e-mail box that automatically released some blocked mail in this fashion; highly unlikely.

    If you had a receipt of the e-mail they should be able to check and see when it was sent by the server to your e-mail box. (In fact you can forward the email to me and I amy be able to look at the headers, I don’t need the body of the email)

    Other ideas may be related to Akismet. Perhaps the comment was in a queue and it was later released by Akismet as not spam. I’m not sure that the Akismet mechanism works like that though but a release of a comment from Akismet would trigger the e-mail loop on WordPress for that comment.

    Ex-Preacherman’s test would only be valid if he used a different e-mail host. Something like hotmail and g-mail to eliminate the problem with the email provider.