Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m hitting the road for the holiday weekend, so my blogging will be intermittent at best.  Don Quixote has hinted, though, that he will do some posts, and those are always some of the most popular reads here.  So, if you’re near a computer, don’t forget to visit occasionally this weekend.

And — Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • http://helenl.wordpress.com/ helenl

    I’ll be home but blogging less. Happy Thanksgiving, Bookworm.

  • auntie

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Bookworm!

  • http://www.kevincumblidge.com kevin

    Happy Thanksgiving Bookworm–family will be here so I doubt I’ll touch a computer until next week. Hope yours is a good one!

  • http://arosebyname.wordpress.com/ Anna

    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Book! Best to you and your family!

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  • http://expreacherman.wordpress.com/ expreacherman


    We pray the best and happiest:
    For you,
    Mr. Book,
    And the little Books,
    And your entire family.

    ExP(Jack & Sweet wife)

  • http://benningswritingpad.blogspot.com benning

    Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe and enjoy yourself! 😀