Secret societies in San Francisco

You know how zealously I guard my identity, living as I do in the Bay Area, where conservatives are not welcome. Here’s an example of just how loony these things get.

Let’s start with “The Wall,” a moderated internet site set up to be a bulletin board for San Franciscans who wish to comment about the City (” The Wall is a place where you can discuss what is wrong (or right) with San Francisco Politics, society, and civic culture.”). It’s small place, boasting only 479 members. Apparently some (or maybe all) of the people who registered comment from a conservative perspective. And as is so often the case with any of these bulletin board sites, they’ve used nom de cybers, rather than their real names. Apparently that’s a bad thing.

How do I know it’s a bad thing? Because I read this:

Fog City Journal columnist h Brown today sent out a missive exposing members of the secret society of anonymous posters at the right leaning

Posters SFSweetie, Marcel Deste and Chuck Revisited are among the exposed.

San Francisco’s Court Jester [another name for h Brown] will be interviewed by Arthur Bruzzone – a recipient of Brown’s blasts – on this very subject and may include anonymous poster exposure by name.

Look for Bruzzone and Brown to generate high viewership ratings, especially if Brown takes off the gloves on Matt Gonzalez.

So, an ordinary bulletin board with posts from people who engage in the ordinary practice of using cybernames is suddenly transformed into a “secret society” of anonymous posters. I can’t wait until we start outing the people blogging at the Democratic Underground or at the Daily Kos’ various diaries. The Wall’s “residents” are sanguine about the snarky nastiness of this whole thing. Here’s a sampling of responses to the news:

If I’m not on his list, I’m going to feel my self-esteem drop and no one in SF wants to see that.


This is science fiction. The big liberal monster is out the stamp out the last remaining morsels of “the right wing” or what? This is hillarious.

I just went to the link thing and see that Im mentioned frankly IM amazed that I apparently am considered a writer or poster who strikes fear into somebody that I need to be singled out.

Secret society of right wing posters??? How did the guy ever find out that I ran Opus Dei for 20 years and was the consultant for The Davinci Code? And I hope he doesnt EVER reveal what the secret society does at the autumn equinox with its crisco and baseball cards and home recorded at live events Anne Coulter tapes. Or the secret handshake.


Is SF really so small that someone like H Brown can get media attention by outing some people on a single anonymous political chat board (Right leaning!) ?
I mean, I dont even know anyone else who knows about this board. What are the chances that the average San Franciscan would know – or even care.


I guess I’m missing the significance of this, so feel free to fill me in. He’s outing people because…..

Aside from the sheer meanness in exposing people who are not holding themselves out to the public as anything more than private citizens using an anonymous cyber bulletin board, I find it disturbing that this kind of thing is apparently being considered a new weapon in political wars. I should point out that, in America, there is an old an honored tradition of anonymous political writer, with such stellar practioners as Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. While their intimates may have known who they were, their point was to let their writing stand on its own, without interference from their public identities. | digg it

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Book, I love your viewpoints and I treasure the public service that you provide with your blog, but sometimes your naivete astounds me. Liberal concerns about privacy and rights apply only to Liberals. Conservatives are the enemy…so, anything is fair in war. These anonymous posters should have known that. I always check my six when dealing with the Liberal/Left.

  • jg

    I thought of you, Bookworm, when a recent story praised the barrier breached by Nancy Pelosi because of the recent election. Condi Rice, of course, breached that glass ceiling long ago (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter, during the Clinton days). But we in the red states feel a shiver when we see Pelosi. Your story says why. Like Danny I see an Orwellian cast to her background.

    My friends smile when I tell them that Pelosi is something of a “moderate” in her own district. Next year they may not be laughing as hard.

    You are correct to summon the politics of the past in defense of anonymity. It had more honorable pedigree. Look what transpires today in another way, of course, with the so-called leaks, unnamed sources, treasured by the Leftist press.

  • Ymarsakar

    It is weird. If you read the comments going back a few months from Neo Neocon, she was attacked for being anonymous as well. Cowardly, they said. And then there were a whole bunch of Anonymous and ip switching trolls that were talking about their right to anonymous posting. Man, confusing, which is why I leave the psychotherapy to Neo. Her career, not mine.

  • Ymarsakar

    Don’t forget the Valerie Plame outing. It’s like, the Left has learned to manipulate illusion or something.

  • Bookworm

    I’m going to show even more naivete here, Danny. What’s it mean to “check your six?”

  • Ymarsakar

    watch your back. Pilot term because they see clock faces to determine direction. 9 o clock 5 o clock shadow, not sure exactly how it works in 3d, but six is usually behind someone.

  • kevin

    I have a dream that you Bookworm will one day live in a Bay Area where you will not be judged by the color of your politics but by the content of your character.

    Sorry MLK

  • Danny Lemieux

    You beat me to the punch, YM.

  • Trimegistus

    It’s what I’ve been saying for a while: when the Left decries “fascism” and “censorship” what bothers them is that they aren’t the ones silencing and threatening those who disagree.