Some good news out of Washington

Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida, impeached as a federal judge in 1989 on corruption charges, dropped his bid under pressure on Tuesday to chair a congressional panel designed to help protect America’s security, a party aide said.Hastings took the action after being told by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, in line to head the U.S. House of Representatives when the new Congress convenes in January, that she would not give him the coveted job, the aide said.

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  • kevin

    Good, I hope the CBC blows a gasket over this–welcome to power Ms Speaker.

  • jg

    A first sign of other miscreants to come. Pelosi will not say no to them.

  • david

    Good news indeed. Now we will have an AIPAC-approved agent in charge of any investigations of pre-war intelligence. Repubs or Dems, they aren’t going to stand up to the lobby.,8599,1549069,00.html
    “Did a Democratic member of Congress improperly enlist the support of a major pro-Israel lobbying group to try to win a top committee assignment? … The sources say the probe also involves whether, in exchange for the help from AIPAC, Harman agreed to help try to persuade the Administration to go lighter on the AIPAC officials caught up in the ongoing investigation.”