That old gang o’ mine

I was walking with my kids to the bus stop this morning.  Suddenly, a whole group of kids took off down the hill, and my older child vanished with them.  My younger child didn’t pick up his pace.

“Hey, big guy,” I said.  “Everyone’s going to beat you down the hill.”

“Mommy, I don’t hang with the pack,” he replied, as he took my hand.  “I hang with you.”


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  • Trish Olsen

    That was a really nice compliment!
    Helps to make “it all” worth while, I’ll bet.

  • Janet

    Treasure these memories because you will need them once your children become teenagers and want to strike out on their own. I have many wonderful memories of when my sons were small and found that they helped me to get through those trying teenage years. Your children love you now and they will still love you when they become teenagers and think they know much more than you do about what is good for them. Don’t worry, once they get out on their own you will once again become a “very smart mom.”

  • Ymarsakar

    Now that is very funny in a lol fashion. Because it reminds me of the Wild West. Where little boys had to protect their mommies and sisters and what not.