Israel fights back

Israel has usually, although not always, been adept in the battlefield. She’s been a total failure in the media. However, for the first time, I’m seeing signs that she’s fighting back:

Israel’s military, which has been accused of abuses in its war against Hezbollah this summer, has declassified photographs, video images and prisoner interrogations to buttress its accusation that Hezbollah systematically fired from civilian neighborhoods in southern Lebanon and took cover in those areas to shield itself from attack.

Lebanon and international human rights groups have accused Israel of war crimes in the 34 days of fighting in July and August, saying that Israel fired into populated areas and that civilians accounted for a vast majority of the more than 1,000 Lebanese killed.

Israel says that it tried to avoid civilians, but that Hezbollah fired from civilian areas, itself a war crime, which made those areas legitimate targets.

In a new report, an Israeli research group says Hezbollah stored weapons in mosques, battled Israelis from inside empty schools, flew white flags while transporting missiles and launched rockets near United Nations monitoring posts.

The detailed report on the war was produced by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Center for Special Studies, a private research group headed by Reuven Erlich, a retired colonel in military intelligence, who worked closely with the Israeli military.

Read all about it here.

Of course, this being a NY Times story, with input from a Beirut-based stringer, it (a) refers to the Qana bombing without question, although bloggers pointed out that there were lots of problems with the claim that it was an Israeli attack against innocent Lebanese civilians; and (b) quotes liberally from the anti-Israel Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Nevertheless, even these other sources — all opinion, all animus, all the time — can’t steer the Times away from hard facts such as real-time videos and photos of Hezbollah action, and from videotaped Hezbollah confessions, all pointing to a concerted plan to use civilian neighborhoods as staging areas for military action.

By the way, most bloggers were showing this footage throughout the war, since it was available on YouTube. How typical that, after maligning Israel and advancing Hezbollah propaganda all through the war and for months after, the old media finally gets around to some actual facts. | digg it

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  • ymarsakar

    That’s nice, Bookworm. But it’s not useful. Why?

    because. Israel is still under the false impression that if they can just prove themselves ‘innocent’, that people will be their friends and stop killing. No way people.

    Stop trying to “prove” your innocence in a crooked system. Get out of that system, pull your diplomats and ambassadors out of the UN and hostile countries. Japan did it in the League before Pearl Harbor. It is the smart thing to do when you know that it is impossible to reconcile your differences.

    Israel has one excuse for staying in the UN. The Presence of the United States. The only reason why people join the UN and want to be on the security council, is because the US is in there. And for a lot of people, the US is in the United Nations, is because we are too afraid of what the “others” would do if we left.

    Here’s a clue, to the fear the UN people. The only reason nations join the UN, is to get a chance to obstruct nations that could beat their arse in a military war. If the US left, they would leave and try to follow us, because they want to see what we are doing because we are the ones with the military and economic power. That is why the UN is in New York, and not Europe. They don’t care about what Europeans are doing, they care about what WE are doing, they are spying on our activities, and trying to obstruct/sabotage our foreign policy. What better place than New York? Better than Washington, they don’t have to look at the “monuments”.

    This web of stupidity and deception, basically starts and ends in places I don’t know where. But I know how to unravel it. Get out of the United Nations.

    Color me unimpressed with Israeli efforts.

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