As you sow, so shall you reap

A non-murderous overlord is useful for two reasons: He keeps your own baser impulses battened down, and he provides a lightening rod for those same impulses. Take the overlord away, and those same tamped down impulses explode — against you and yours. Case in point? Gaza, sans Israel:

Palestinian factions have moved closer to civil war after masked gunmen shot dead the three young sons [ed. — 9, 6 and 3, respectively] of a senior Fatah intelligence officer as they were being driven to school.

Coming a day after the Hamas interior minister survived an assassination attempt, the killings are expected to prompt more tit-for-tat violence between the two main Palestinian factions.

While Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah leader and president of the Palestinian national authority, condemned the attack on Baha Balousha’s children as “ugly and inhuman”, local authorities appeared powerless to stop further bloodshed.

Across Gaza and the West Bank there was a strong sense of shock at the killings. While local politicians and military commanders often face assassination, the deliberate targeting of children is unprecedented.

There’s more, but I stopped where I did because I was struck by that last paragraph, which struck me as much too naive for a presumably seasoned Middle Eastern reporter to have written. Ah, the shock that Palestinians would kill Palestinian children! In fact, a paragraph such as that speaks of so many slippery slopes, each one of which the Palestinians have traveled down, only to find themselves now wallowing in the filthy muck at the bottom.

For one thing, Palestinians have gleefully targeted kids when those kids were Jewish. Already back in 1970, the Palestinians carried out the heinous Avivim school bus massacre, where they deliberated targeted children and succeeded in murdering 12 people, most of them those same children. Or how about the equally horrifying Ma’alot school massacre, where armed Palestinians “bravely” stormed a school filled with a hundred unarmed teenagers? Twenty-one students died. The Palestinians didn’t always think in such grand terms, of course. Sometimes it was just one on one, with an armed man bashing a four year old’s head against a rock before crushing her head with a rifle — but only after first making sure she saw her father shot to death.

Ah, that’s just the Jews, you might say. But the Palestinians have been using their own children as cannon fodder in increasing numbers too. Charles, at LGF, has a running series of posts called “Palestinian child abuse” showing Palestinians boastfully show their children armed (with rocks, real guns or toy guns) and placed deliberately in the line of fire. Additionally, the terror masters recruit younger and younger “youths” to carry into Israel those bombs that are aimed at killing Jewish civilians, especially Jewish children. Why, then, should the Palestinians now express surprise that, without Jews to target, they turn on their own children and slaughter them?

It’s tragic that those three young children died. It’s not a surprise, though. It’s the inevitable result of a society that has devoted itself to murdering children, and that has, with ever increasing frequency, used its own children to carry out the job. | digg it

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  • ymarsakar

    Armed with weapons is only the light stuff, Book. You should see where they cut the children’s head with razor blades, so that they bleed all over their face. Teenagers, kids, infants. Doesn’t matter to them. They just have a parade of blood. Great big celebration.

    This kind of self-destructive techniques could have been stopped with Total War. But because there was no Total War, because Israel obeyed the Leftist philosophy, now we have what we have. They said that you have to be restrained, that you can’t save the village by destroying the village. So they wait, they procrastinate, they talk, they try and make deals. This is the result.

    We could have stopped this, but the fake liberals said that it would be inhumane to pick on the Palestinians because they didn’t have any military technology.

    Military expediency is unbendable. You cannot get around it. You cannot avoid hard decisions, and you cannot avoid the consequences of those hard decisions.

    Apply the lessons to the greater war on terror, and it puts the fake liberal rhetoric that Bush is the killer, into the light of God.

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  • Ursie

    You are correct, sir. We cannot be surprised. On the land where children were once willingly–by their own families–turned over to Moloch, to appease the monster god, we find…..
    children being turned over by their own families to be sacrificed for??? what/ whom??? I’m not even sure most of these people believe in a god anymore. If they do, I’m not sure who that god is.