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The Muslim Brotherhood dreams of bringing shari’a law to America. It’s occasionally useful to remember what that would mean for Americans on a daily basis:

Residents of a southern Somalia town who do not pray five times a day will be beheaded, an Islamic courts official said Wednesday, adding the edict will be implemented in three days.

Public places such as shops and tea houses in Bulo Burto, about 124 miles northeast of the capital, Mogadishu, should be closed during prayer time and no one should be on the streets, said Sheik Hussein Barre Rage, the chairman of the town’s Islamic court.

Those who do not follow this edict “will definitely be beheaded according to Islamic law,” Rage told The Associated Press by phone. “As Muslims, we should practice Islam fully, not in part, and that is what our religion enjoins us to do.”

You can read more about it here. My pity for the poor Somalians, most of whom, apparently, were moderate Muslims before this radical takeover, is boundless.

UPDATE: On a somewhat related topic, the Independent Women’s Forum cites to a Janet Levy article called “The Gym Jihad.” That article details all the accomodation demands Muslims are making at both privately owned and publicly owned facilities. You’ll recognize most of these stories. Using a quotation from Levy’s article, IWF draws the perfect conclusion from the subtle push, push, push going on here:

Instead of going on the defensive, the majority of Americans need to comprehend that legally there is no obligation to afford special religious privileges to Muslims and that they are perfectly free to organized their own private clubs to satisfy their religious needs. Moreover, in the post 9/11 era:

In a post 9-11 world, it is unrealistic to expect that loud proclamations of Islamic faithfulness mixed with condemnations of U.S. policy will not raise suspicion and cause alarm. The tragedy of 9-11 has forever changed the air travel experience and certain behaviors are already constrained in the interest of American security. Is vocal and extreme religious behavior exempt?

The growing chorus of Muslim accusations of discrimination and victimization must not be permitted to intimidate us into lowering our guard against terrorism and diluting measures designed to ensure the safety of us all, including Muslims. This resolve must be accompanied by a greater focus on the societal and behavioral standards that should unite us as Americans.

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  • T.S.

    The Muslim Brotherhood dreams of bringing shari

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    How on Earth could they bring sharia law to Britain and France, their armies are still stronger than most third world nation’s put together, and France has nukes.

    TS, you are not in this world, my dear comrade in the jihad.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    I mentioned this book before, Prayers for the Assassin. But it bears repeating. Check it out, it has an interesting motiff concerning the Islamic JIhad and Sharia Law.

  • http://writingenglish.wordpress.com/ judyrose

    T.S., they won’t send an army, but will try to bring it about by the “death of a thousand cuts.” We are becoming a society so afraid to offend anyone, that we turn from our own culture any time someone raises a squawk. Let some poor “offendee” cry discrimination or racism, and politicans clamor to see who can appease him first.

    All I’m saying is keep your eyes open, and be aware that each little cut takes us farther and farther away from what we profess to value (American tradition) and closer to a time when we won’t even recognize the place any more.

    Look at BW’s post on the singing of Christmas carols to see this in action.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    Judy, Britain and France already have Muslim enclaves where the police don’t go and where Shariah Law runs defacto if not de jure. That is the example to look to, I believe.

    It is true as you say, they get there by preaching fear and self-righteousness, but Europe is in its near to final stages. So it is very educational to look at Europe and see our potential future.

    You have many many examples in the world proving you right, Judy. Not just Bookworm’s post on Christmas carols ; )

  • http://writingenglish.wordpress.com/ judyrose

    Yes Ymar, the carol singing is just one example. Unfortunately, we have many (i.e., taxi drivers who won’t pick up passengers with seeing-eye dogs, women who want to wear veils that cover their faces when posing for their driver’s license photos, and on and on.)

  • Danny Lemieux

    You want to know how Europe will become Eurabia, T.S.? Armies mean nothing if they lack the will to fight. See http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1609. The Europeans have lost the will to fight because they have lost the meaning of their existance. The future of their children (for the few that have children, that is) looks very bleak. So, take your European holidays now and remember well how a civilization looked before its passing. Take it from me, a former European…it could happen here, as well, although our immune systems are much healthier, for the time being. Compare the profile of the average submissive European and the Leftwing/Liberal American pacifist and you will see clear parallels.

  • Zhombre

    Actually I have to agree with TS; shari’a & jihad won’t succeed here. I doubt radical Islamists will ever achieve the numbers or influence for critical mass (that is not to say we will have no conflicts whatsoever) But as Danny says above, our immune systems are healthier, and I am optimistic they will remain that way. There is still a hard core Jacksonian kickbutt spirit in America. I would not take Eurabia as a done deal either, for all that. A violent reaction, as Ralph Peters has written, may still be in the works. Someone pointed out that the dark night of fascism is always about to descend on America, but seems to land on Europe instead and put out the lights.

  • http://sajji.wordpress.com/ sajji

    I think that America will be fine for quite some time. I don’t agree that Sharia law will ever make it here. It seems to only be practiced in a handful of countries anyway…like Somalia. I say practiced – there are many places where such laws are on the books, but hardly every executed (no pun intended).
    Most Muslims move out of their countries for the U.S. for economic and cultural freedoms. There is a teeny-tiny minority that yells and screams about stuff like wearing full veils during DMV photographs. But I don’t think you’ll find much sympathy from Muslims in the U.S.
    Holland just passed a no-veil law. While some Muslims griped about it, none took action like objecting in legal terms. That’s because most Muslims are moderate.

  • http://bookwormroom.wordpress.com/ Bookworm

    I agree, Sajji, that most Muslims are moderate. I also have no quarrel per se with Islam, as long as it doesn’t pick a quarrel with me. I was saying to my co-blogger, DQ, that this really isn’t a religious war, because you don’t have two sides trying to impose their religion upon each other through violence. Instead, you have one side saying “Go away and leave me alone,” and another side, which is not a nation but is a disparate group of individuals around the world say, “Convert or die.” It’s assymetrical in so many ways, and very stressful to those of us who like to be left alone.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    When the Left wins the war in Iraq (which means losing to the Republicans), the Left will be able to dismantle the defenses of America from the inside out.

    Here’s a nice quote I found at blackfive.

    Comment below written by: Bob

    You gotta believe me when I tell you that Cicero(d. 43 BC)was not talking about me when he said, “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

    Actually, I picked that up from Don Castella via the Illinois Review. Bob


    Immune systems are not invulnerable. There are specific things like AIDs that infiltrate the immune system with its own defense agents (tolerance first ammendment etc) in order to destroy the immune system.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    When you stop fretting about the nonsense, Zhombre, how long do you think the Jacksonian component can last?

  • Zhombre

    Jackson ain’t dead; he’s up in them hills, and he’ll be back when we need him.

  • T.S.

    When the Left wins the war in Iraq (which means losing to the Republicans), the Left will be able to dismantle the defenses of America from the inside out.– Ymar

    This sounds as unlikely as worrying about the Muslim Brotherhood taking over. Who are these members of “the “left”? And are they really as powerful as you think? Last I checked, there was only one socialist in Congress, and he’s from Vermont — a state which has a history of thinking outside of the box.

    Then, too, the dismantling of the Bill of Rights has been occurring under both Republcian and Democratic administrations, but has picked up steam under Bush 43.

    There are things to be concerned about, tis true. But people are fretting over things that make no sense.

    F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    Baby boomer generation, has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, the omnipotent power and historical impulse that a war won by the left, may cause.

    Too many wars won by the Left, and there will come a reckoning.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    It is exactly because the Left intimately knows the F.E.A.R principle, both in WWII as well as by the press, that when they win in Iraq, and still have a terror war to justify emergency limitations on civil rights, that the Left will dismantle the inner defenses of America from the inside out. Starting with the 2nd Ammendment, using terrorist attacks and McVeigh/shootings as justification. When you can get the population of America at the same level as Britain, then all things are possible.

    Both California and the East Coast have already been more or less pacified one way or another. The Left simply is just running out of steam because Vietnam was so long. They need another victory in war, and they need sustained war to justify several of their policies. Their rolde model, Roosevelt of course.

    The policies of the Left will cause a future terrorist attack of nuclear proportions, especially given their political alliance with the David Dukes, the Robert Byrds, and the isolationist/realpolitek right. After such an attack, there will not be the self-limitations that we saw Bush put on himself and the Presidency. What we will see is the Left using terrorist attacks and the deaths of millions of Americans to justify several of their most valued policies. Such policies, if they succede in being enacted and enforced, will open the inner gates of the American fortress. All it would then require is for the enemy to breach the fortress walls from the outside.

  • ProtectorofFreedom

    Anyone who doesn’t believe the Muslim agenda entails taking over not only America and any democratic nation but also to subjugate the entire planet should read a 14-page plan seized during the raid of a terrorist written in Arabic and dated 12-01-1982, which outlines a 12-point strategy to “establish an Islamic government on earth”

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    And are they really as powerful as you think?

    You know the answer as well as I, given Reid’s comments about cutting the funding and the various surrender bills going on.

    And more