Maybe the Baker report was useful

I’m one of those who didn’t agree with the ISG’s conclusions, especially those that suggested making Israel the sacrificial animal in hopes of placating the ravening Islamic hordes. I’m wondering, though, whether the ISG didn’t end up having its uses. This is so because its recommendations opened up an abyss, such as an Iraq in free-fall when, as the ISG recommended, the American’s pull out. I therefore don’t think it’s a coincidence that the top Shiite cleric, Grand AyatollahAli al-Sistani, is giving up his demand for government for a Shiia controlled government and beginning to talk coalition:


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  • Gail

    Interesting take on the ISG, Bookworm. Your upbeat outlook is heartening.

  • expat

    I think the post election timing may also be useful. Had Bush attempted changes before the election, they would have been shot down in the campaigning. The report gives cover to folks like Steny Hoyer and other Dems who take national defense a bit more seriously than the Huffington Post wing.

  • ymarsakar

    It gives Sistani a taste of his own medicine really. After all, Sistani was the one who told the US, “hey, if you don’t like my Shia one block one government path, you can go over there and deal with Sadr if you don’t like me so much”.

    Now Sistani is looking at Baker and the Demos and thinking “okay, Bush and the Sunnis I may not like, but I’m not too sure I want to deal with the Demos and the Baker’s Dozen boys”.

  • bereans

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