• Henry

    Hey! I am the author in the finnish blog “Ihmissuhteet ja tasa-arvo” (Human relations and equality). One of the main themes is men’s equality. It,s quite popular blog in finnish standards, about half million readers so far.

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    That is… interesting, Henry. Btw, Book, it is a foreign language blog that quotes English sites. The internet without a common language, would not be so interconnected, eh? English is not just for Americans and Anglo-Saxons anymore.

    Concerning the spouse thing, I don’t think that includes men and women living together right? A lot of men and women have found more joy living together without marriage, than they would have under marriage. John Ross wrote about some this interesting observation that he kept getting people who told him that the sexual drive of their wives fell way way off when they married as opposed to when they were just living together. So it may not only be women who don’t want a spouse, a lot of men may not be wanting a spouse either, especially because when you divorce you are set back many years.

  • Henry

    There were a study (somewhere in my blog, was that what you were referring to?), that the passion of sex remains stronger, if the couple is not married. Even if they live together like married people. My explanation is following: when the relationship is not so secure as in marriage, motivation to keep spouse happy with sex remains stronger. When marriage comes, it is all certain till the eternity, so why bother with sex.

    For a man best situation is when man is not committed, that is, if the man’s sexual market value is high, so that he has lot of alternatives available. For the majority of men, the problem is, if man don’t commit, costs of finding another sex partner are high.

    Divorce is of course problematic for the man, if loses lot of his assets.

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    I was refering to John Ross’s page here, Henry. Since I didn’t know that specific topic was there on your blog, yet.


    A lot of what you said was also said by John Ross.

    my ruminations

    Your ruminations become the ruination of certain feminists, true?

  • Marguerite

    It doesn’t really matter if men don’t want to get married anymore, or women don’t, as long as they don’t have children who end up un-fathered and un-mothered while the self-absorbed parents go their it’s-all-about-me way.

  • swampacreage

    For thousands of years men stood urinating,scanning the horizons for fight or flight.Then modern women got some men to sit when doing this task.Since then many men haven’t got of their #$$#$ .If they don’t,somebody else will.Stand up,growup,and clean the bathroom(if you can’t do it, you are not much use for anything else). Stop P&$$&#% around !!WHO WOULD WANT TO MARRY YOU ?

  • swampacreage

    “In their bizarre priorization of “a woman’s right to choose,” feminists have help ensure that European women will end their days in a culture that doesn’t accord women the right to choose anything”.It is in the demographics people.Cultural suicide.We are being out bred(not that their is anything wrong with that).Whose left to protect you now ? Yes, I know ,you will look after yourself.Fine, do it.First world people appear to be choosing material possessions over raising families.Live and let live ,then you should know,you are partially responsiple for SOME of the comsequences.