Didn’t magazines used to employ fact checkers?

It’s not daily media, like the New York Times or the WaPo, but the New Yorker is still media. At Irish Pennants, Jack Kelly details how, in a single paragraph, Nicholas Lemann, the Dean of Columbia Universities Graduate School of Journalism, makes five major factual errors. Kelly’s gracious enough not to blame Lemann, noting that he’s one of a crowd who accepts these factual errors as true, but as my mother always said, “If all your friends jump over a cliff, that doesn’t mean you have to also.”

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  • JJ

    In point of fact no, they don’t have those people. All those interns hanging around the halls of the “New Yorker,” and “Time,” “News-week,” the daily papers and the networks used to be employed as fact checkers, but they don’t exist any more. They cost money. When GE took over NBC they were the first thing to go.

    But in Lemann’s case it wouldn’t matter, he’d still write it the way he wanted to even if there was someone right in his face saying: “Yoo-hoo… you’re wrong!” With him it’s more a matter of outright bias than lack of facts. As Kelly points out, the facts are readily available.

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